About Black Bag Jobs

[The photo above is from one of my homes, where I was forced for my own safety to begin documenting the hidden terror of “community policing.”]

This is a blog that documents one mans 15 years long experience with surreptitious entries into his homes, apartments, and life in general, by agents ‘of the law.’ I call this “law enfarcement.”

Once, I was a political person, a budding journalist, and a social gadfly. In that role, I also worked in the security  industry, where I was routinely in contact with all sides of the social scene. I met celebrities, good cops, bad cops, drug dealers, pimps, whores, terrorists; each ethnic group comprised my daily activities, friendships, and life, from Asians and Africans to Israeli’s, Palestinians, Somali’s, Russians, and all kinds of Persians.

I knew princes, and princesses, musicians, actors and newspeople; swallows, and songbirds too. I oversaw the extra-curricular activities of many notable persons.

I had “connections,” once.

Then, this ‘new thing’ started taking place in my life ( and now, we know, the lives of many others): LEO’s started using American citizens as moving targets, and began waging surreptitious and warrant-less campaigns upon Americans in order to enforce compliance, because ‘ turrerisses,’ and other bad guys around every corner. I was one of those people- I routinely had cops and other ‘agents’ tap my phones, attempt to provoke me to violence, try to slip drugs in my hands, set me up in stings, or otherwise follow me to wherever it is they thought they could coerce me to take them.

When I discovered  that this scheme made every one a suspect, I withdrew from activities, knowing that each friend or associate becomes a target themselves of warrant-less campaigns by hidden agencies. And I realized that the strange people and even stranger conversations that came into my life were part of a grand scheme by the powerful to usurp the guarantees of our Constitution, one compliant person at a time. And I began to resist this encroachment, and to document it.

This is the sad state of affairs that is the new policing in America. Part domestic terror campaign waged on American citizens, part ongoing intimidation/ HUMINT crusade, and part ‘law enfarcement’- that odd schema that attempts to force the citizens to ‘fight for their rights.’ Using tactics straight out of the novels about totalitarian regimes ‘somewhere else.’

But they are here now, and this blog documents that, and hopes that others can learn to defend themselves against this gross abuse of government police power.

There are many online information and disinformation campaigns about this new “community policing,” but I don’t care too much for all that- I document what I can, when it happens, and report it, because that is what I am trained to do. But I do NOT report it to the police, because doing so ALWAYS guarantees further harassment FROM them.

I report directly to you, the reader, who, for whatever reason landed here, asking yourseelf if you are going crazy or not- wondering if you should capitulate to this horrifying new scheme.

My advice on that? DO NOT CAPITULATE, unless you or someone else in danger of death or imminent harm. Meanwhile- buy a camera, or several. Secret camera’s are the best; body cmeras are recommended because these police- and their hundreds of willing accomplices- today are shooting American’s in the back, literally and otherwise.