Forget Sharia law taking over- fear the Jewish laws of “lashon ha-ra” instead. They are killing free speech and targeting the American Constitution.

Forget Sharia law taking over- fear the Jewish laws of lashon ha-ra instead.

The laws that govern speech in culturally Jewish societies involve prohibitions on “bad words” and “bad ideas.” In the 1990’s, we saw the trend to poitical correctness, and the last election cycle saw the battle between a brash speaker, and  someone who uses coded speech, and speech prohibitions. But what we really saw was one group of Jewish financiers battling another group of Jewish financiers over culturally opposed Jewish traditions of lashon ha-ra, the laws that govern speech.

These have overtaken the press, America’s subsidiary mercenary religions, and American politics as Zionists, Catholics,  and Christians abuse Jewish law and custom to create a new theocracy.

In the years before 9/11, I was an activist for first amendment issues, and the rights of parents, an equalist in the gender wars, a sex workers rights and human rights advocate, and especially, an activist for the right of due process and openness in the family courts. I was keenly  aware that these same courts, and the contingent laws and practices of the “women and children’s” lobbyists were the beginning point of what we see today, in the absolute obliteration of personal privacy, and a host of Constitutional rights that most American’s think they still have.

Secret courts, secret interpretations of law, secret hidden and quasi-judicial organized efforts at destroying free speech and association- and the NSA wiretapping every single American; the death of due process began in the women and children’s laws of the 1980’s-90’s.

The vast and unchecked, unregulated international entrapment scheme that Edward Snowden brought to our attention was justified by false flag terrorism which was used as a pretext to invade the oil fields of Iraq and beyond, and we were assured that America was acting in the interests of “anti-terrorism.”

Today we see the encroachment of this policy into American laws, and local police initiatives, and then, the courts as well, as data and intelligence on American citizens is shared across borders, and secretly spread in data bases throughout the world. Israel is in fact, a de facto blackmail scheme of whole-capture internet that targets Americans and others.

From Congressmen and women, to every American citizen, the religious theocracy of Israel is filtering and screening American online speech, recording all of our phone calls.

It’s for the Children- and the women, of course. This has been the mantra of every imperialist, and every slaver, ever.

In the 1980’s, I was keenly aware that an entire generation of children was being raised to accept hidden authority, and what could only be called a perfect police state, as each child was relegated to the same laws of parentage that governed slaves in the 17th century- that in the case of American servitude and slavery, the “condition of the mother,*” over-rode the long established English common law doctrine of parentage descending fro the father.

This was an extension of Judaic law, into American courts on two levels: one is that in Jewish society, parentage is said to stem from the mother, and two: the laws that govern free speech in Jewish culture are a literal minefield of restrictions on “bad words” and “bad speech” called lashon ha-ra that render the average speaker moot, while privileging rabbinical interpretations over American law.

The laws of Catholic and other denominations all have at their root the laws of the Torah, and regardless of how each in their own way tackles the problem f attempting to somehow abridge or minimize that fact, they are all eventually forced to reckon with the problem of origin- that all of the Abrahamic religious offshoots stem from Jewish cultural roots, and that they have foregone their own origins as pagans, shamans, mystics; atheists, humanists, and Druids, but worst of all is that they have all to a religion foregone the most important cultural factor of their own existence: that each and every tribe depends from great traders and raiders who were unaffiliated with Abraham until they met the rakhil-the traders- of the middle east.

And each religious leader in America, from pastor to pope or  deacon, each and every one of these reformed pagans that follow the religion of the desert people shares a simple truth with Talmudic and Torah,  Judaic law: if you meet the Jesus on the road, kill him, for anyone who challenges their lockup on the narrative is a threat to the mysticism, the superstition, the patented lunacy, and the racist supremacy of these religious narratives.

So, while today, many in America are afraid of sharia law taking over, few have a clue that in fact something just as bad is afoot, and it is Jewish law, backed by the bodies of the non-Jewish religious mercenaries, and put into social practice everywhere, rendering the United States Constitution nearly void. So pervasive is this horror of legal workaround that the Department of Homeland Security added free speech and it’s associated freedoms and rights as “terrorist speech,” increasing the likelihood that speakers would be targeted with extra-judicial investigation, and possibly offline harassment.

Between the satanic panic’s of the 1980’s, and today, I watched as one morality campaign after another and emotional hysterics replaced the rule of law at every level of society, and especially in the court rooms and Congress halls from the state to the federal level; and how international finance incentivized these same to wage war on American families, but especially, on men, and that, against he rule of law, but instead, the rule of slander, gossip and “ritual defamation.” This is the essence of ritual defamation, but also, the practice as well- that fathers are slandered according to class, caste, or religion, while motherhood is enshrined as a virtue (and this antithetical to many feminists of that era). Hitler did as much, awarding women medals as they birthed for the state.

Today we see how far advanced this cancer has grown, as America is under a nearly totalitarian control by secret courts, and secret laws, and 17 intelligence agencies who have built dossiers’ on every single American, using the unlawfully collected data of the NSA. In Jewish law, two pervasive forms of “mind control” exist that govern each and every adherent to rabbinical law, and each and every attendant at synagogue in their relations with the wider, non-Jewish culture: the laws regarding blood libel and ritual defamation, and then, lashon hara which determines when, how and with whom one can “tell tales” about others; and tose others, pre-vetted according to rabbinical law!

Think FISA court, or any grand jury today which hears select facts about ‘suspects,’ and those “facts” gleaned selectively from years worth of illegal wiretaps, attempts at behavior modification via blackmail at the switch in Israel, or any number of private security contractors that do the daily work of subverting the internet; and then, extra-legal provocations, surveillance, profiling, and redirections called “community policing” initiatives.

These laws, more than Constitutional law, are, in fact, what also govern the current DHS terrorist watch listing process, and the trickle down to the local law enforcement agents and community policing partners; and this is what the FBI/DHS dossier’s are, and those dossier’s are informed by 17 domestic and international United States agencies, but also, each and every agency of the web of entrapment called the “Five Eyes Alliance.”.

I have watched into two separate decades, as my personal life became a stomping ground for hidden agents of social control ranging from police acting under color of law, to so-called “community policing” initiatives target speech, and speakers via the absolute destruction of my personal privacy.

Online, there is an under-current that “it’s for the children” who are “silent victims,” and so on. And the narrative of child abuse, child sexual abuse, and child neglect serves as a handy foil in times where American’s bomb entire tribes and families out of existence in the middle east today, and calculate the value-in dollars- of each human life saved or eradicated.

Domestically, these NGO’s and community organizations, working with local police have morphed the definition of terrorist into “anyone who challenges our lockup on the narrative” and the especially their blank check to pillage the cash-rich domestic violence industries of social services, family courts, adoption and foster care ( which by itself is a 4 billion dollar per year industry) and especially women’s organizations ranging from ‘education’ programs to shelters that act as intelligence collection points at every step of the way, to diminish the power of men who challenge this scheme.

And in that light, I once had a small organization called “Mensolve” to try to help people who were caught in this web of endless domestic are waged on their ability to earn a living, or otherwise comprehend what was happening here I America. Needless to say, it was a useless endeavor, and I was targeted early by feminist groups at the colleges, and online.

But the truth is, the silencing or privileging of free speech at large enables what is in reality a new form of white slavery and slavery in general- that in targeting some speakers over others, some who work in these hidden capacities and derive billions of dollars in profits to wage public relations blitzes against everything from sex slavery to child abuse to domestic violence- and the irony is that this is itself a domestic war against the family, the Constitution, and children themselves who have been all but relegated to a future in a communist America- or worse, a fully capitalized child rearing industry (see notes below).

The children are clearly big business in America, and these laws ensure that they will be sacrificed every step of the way to a new law that does not respect the Constitution. But also, there seems to be a great respect for what is known as “white slavery,” via these multi-billion dollar per year industries, and slavery by any other name that harkens to “the condition of the mother,” who destroy families that do not adhere to the Jewish-Christian scheme.

Israeli wiretapping America:

Incentivizing and Monetizing Modern Slavery:

*Miscellanious statistics about the Domestic Violence Industry, and it’s related ‘white slavery’ industries, according to the condition of the mother, and policing.

Kidnapping, ransom, hostages, and blackmail as  traditions of servitude:

Domestic Violence Industries net worth: $2.2 billion dollars per year, not including police and security industry budgets, which run into the hundreds of billions.

“VAWA, FVPSA, and VOCA funding support domestic violence shelters, law enforcement, courts, rape crisis centers, children’s services, prevention, community outreach, and other state and local programs that provide services for victims and families. These programs have made significant progress towards ending domestic and sexual violence. Statistics show a significant decline in domestic violence since VAWA was first enacted in 1994. In addition to saving lives, VAWA, FVPSA, and VOCA save money by reducing future violence and other related social costs.” Source:

VAWA language:

Foster Care statistics:

Child Protective Services: statistics not yet available or calculated for this purpose

Family Court: costs of court rooms, and costs associated with “due process” have steadily and exponentially increased all across America, as have the costs associated with FOIA and Data Practices requests to journalists and other interested parties.

Foster Care: How much do foster parents make per child? How much do foster parents “earn”? Foster care is a 4 billion dollar per year industry, and generally, foster parents tens of thousands per year. For example, Washington state incentivizes the industry at pay out rates between $562- $1505 dollars per month as a base “salary” but there are monthly stipends and sometimes yearly bonuses paid out in the thousands ( Other states carry similar payouts, and vary according to cost of living and other factors.

“Over 400,000 American children are in foster care, taken away when their families are in crisis and can’t take care of them.”(415,129 last year alone)

comprehensive nation wide data :

Women’s forum acknowledges the industrial aspect of CPS: “How much does a foster parent EARN?” ( as if it is work, a paid profession)

“Earnings” 2012:

California foster care statistics and FAQ’s:

Prisons and jails: Prisons and jails are a $92,000,000,000 billion dollar per year industry.

2.3 million American men in prison or jail every year, times approximately $40k per bunk, which means that domestic violence initiatives and anti-male propaganda feed a 92 BILLION dollar per year industry.

Slavery, child ownership,  and “the condition of the mother” notes:


Children as possessions of the master, and then, the mther, men not included in the “family unit.”
“The assembly was also perennially concerned with “ffornication,” especially when it resulted in female servants becoming pregnant. This led to a loss of the servants’ labor, for which the law attempted to provide compensation to the master. An act passed in the 1642–1643 session and revised in 1657–1658 added time, in the case of pregnancy and so-called secret marriages, to the indentures of male and female servants both; it called for fines on any freemen involved. Sometimes servants were singled out in the context of broader morals laws, such as in “Against ffornication,” passed in 1661–1662, which responded to servant pregnancies by requiring large fines to be paid to the local parish. If the master refused to pay, then the servants were to be whipped.

Another law, passed in 1662, stipulated that the children of such pregnancies were to be handed over to the church, which would be reimbursed for its trouble by the “reputed father.” If the father of an illegitimate child were a master, then, according to a 1662 law, the maidservant would, upon completion of her indenture, be sold to the local parish for two years. This was to prevent female servants from avoiding work through pregnancy and then attempting to leave their children in the care of their masters. A number of these laws were combined and revised into “An act for punishment of ffornication and seaverall other sins and offences,” passed by the assembly in 1696.”


Virginia was one of the first states to acknowledge slavery in its laws, initially enacting such a law in 1661.36 The following year, Virginia passed two laws that pertained solely to women who were slaves or indentured servants and to their illegitimate children. Women servants who produced children by their masters could be punished by having to do two years of servitude with the churchwardens after the expiration of the term with their masters. The law reads, “that each woman servant gott with child by her master shall after her time by indenture or custome is expired be by the churchwardens of the parish where she lived when she was brought to bed of such bastard, sold for two years. . . .”37

The second law, which concerned the birthright of children born of “Negro” or mulatto women, would have a profound effect on the continuance of slavery, especially after the slave trade was abolished—and on the future descendants of these women. Great Britain had a very structured primogeniture system, under which children always claimed lineage through the father, even those born without the legitimacy of marriage. Virginia was one of the first colonies to legislate a change:


Negro womens children to serve according to the condition of the mother.

WHEREAS some doubts have arrisen whether children got by any Englishman upon a Negro woman should be slave or free, Be it therefore enacted and declared by this present grand assembly, that all children borne in this country shalbe held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother, And that if any christian shall committ ffornication with a Negro man or woman, hee or shee soe offending shall pay double the ffines imposed by the former act.38

Most slave colonies or states enacted similar laws. After the slave trade officially ended, many slave owners tried to ensure that sufficient numbers of slaves were available to work their plantations. Slave women of childbearing age became more valuable. There are a number of court cases concerning slave women who either killed their masters who forced them to have sexual relations or killed the children rather than have the children enslaved.39

‘Held according to thecondition of the mother’
WHEREAS some doubts have arrisen whether children got by any Englishman upon a Negro woman should be slave or free, Be it therefore enacted and declared by this present grand assembly, that all children borne in this country shal be held bond or free only according to the condition of the mother, And that if any christian shall committ ffornication with a Negro man or woman, hee or shee soe offending shall pay double the ffines imposed by the former act.38

Men whipped if they loved African women
Miscegenation laws, forbidding marriage between races, were prevalent in the South and the West. Because English masters had had little regard for indentured servants of non-Anglo ethnic groups, they allowed and sometimes encouraged commingling of their servants. Being seen in public or bringing legitimacy to these relations, however, was not lawful. This is evinced by a court decision from 1630, the first court decision in which a Negro woman and a white man figured prominently. Re Davis (1630) concerned sexual relations between them, the decision stating, “Hugh Davis to be soundly whipt . . . for abusing himself to the dishonor of God and shame of Christianity by defiling his body in lying with a Negro, which fault he is to actk. next sabbath day.”40


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