Naming names:the importance of identifying your stalkers.

In my case, I was acutely aware that certain politics and policies of the 1990’s were building towards the modern fascism that we see today, and that Edward Snowden revealed in 2013, and my life, like many, was often leveraged against political movements and practices.

I was also aware that the Anti Defamation League spying scandal-which was swept under the rug in 2002-had become the Nation’s NSA spying scandal, as NGO’s and other’s worker hard to subvert or destroy Constitutional due process, and other guarantees of liberty.

So, I wrote about how the ADL spy scandal of 1993-the same year that VAWA passed-where these had traitorously used the San Francisco police department to perpetrate blackmail campaigns on 12,000 anti-apartheid and peace activists and  that now-with the help of all the “we help people” NGO’s, the scandal of data theft and had morphed into the NSA scooping up ALL data on EVERY AMERICAN, and sending it to Israel to be pre-vetted, and how Israel bugged America, and in turn began to target American speakers with that data.

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My stalkers were from this fold, not Nazi’s, not the KKK, nor even the boogieman. My stalkers were Social Justice Warriors. While some say that the practice of this form of blackmail, harassment and and stalking and intimidation is “culturally Jewish” I rather prefer to think of it as what it is- a racist tool of social control used by sociopathic communists and fascists of all generations.

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And, I was keenly aware that the boogieman, Hitler, the KKK and other bad guys are outdated paradigms of what the modern abuse of power looks like, because since the 1980’s, progressives and their followers have seized, stolen, and abused power in ways the bad guys would envy. And, they more than any party or group built a gulag system here in America that puts the jails of Stalin to shame, and that, based upon demonizing American men, rather than solving the problems of lack of industry, or education.

In Minnesota, it is largely “progressives” who embody modern fascism, but this is not apparent until we name them, and see how far the tentacles of power extend. Below, I will name just a few of those I encountered n a short six month period.

The lunatic fringe of feminism, and feminist jurisprudence is integral to organized stalking, using the model provided by Nikki Craft, and other ‘radical feminists’ who are really just female bullies, fascists and cowards.

I was then and am now an opponent of gender feminism, and those who espouse beliefs such as “control of the sex supply,” or “it’s for the children,” narratives, and other forms of woman to woman to child slavery systems. I am now and was then a proponent of equality, and a critic of all of these white women acting from within the cover of official organizations and subverting our democracy at the internet switch? And that, while hiding behind the rhetoric of rights, acting as proxies for Eastern Bloc philosophy.

From the 1980’s forward, we saw in family courts, and ‘rape shield laws’ and other “women and children” policies, the emergence of secret courts and secret practices that were outside of due process, and today, we see that these secret courts and secret laws, and secret programs, operated by hidden groups and others who operate in secret have in fact destroyed Constitutional guarantees of privacy, and every right that extends from it-the rights of assembly and association, and all speech that can extend from it.

Due process is but a memory since the politicized FBI and the Infragard program put political operators behind everyone’s internet switch.When considering what fascism is, and how those who abuse power hide behind the outward appearance of being good, or doing good, it isn’t always immediately apparent that in fact, appearance can be deceptive.Also apparent is that these seek more than anything, control of the narrative through public relations, and constant manufacture of crisis.

Without belaboring the point, simply say that I was blackmailed for decades by Minnesota Progressives, and when I finally said enough is enough, they stepped up their tactical assaults, using overt policing, a dossier’ and covert harassment from a variety of “community” organizations.

The Red Shields

Oddly enough, some of them worked from behind the false shield of programs like “Advocates for Human Rights,” and other organizations that claim to help women and children, but are in fact this centuries version of the softer forms of slavery, and white slavery in particular. The domestic violence, and women and children’s programs across America are a multi-billion dollar industry, and also serve international interests as intelligence gathering organizations, and they are little more than the handmaidens of the international patriarchy.

In my case, I have rental property, and for years, all of my applicants were relatively blue collar, construction workers, laborers, or ordinary working people- but after 2008, and the election of Barak Obama, suddenly, all of my tenant applicants were those from the exact progressive fold that I repudiate- those who ‘work’ in the domestic violence, baby farming, and social services industries-a  web of child predators and the subsidiary shakedown rackets supported by the local police who are unionized, and largely supportive of the Democrats there who are ironically  called the Democratic Farmer Labor party, yet they pass legislation every year to chase away both jobs, and farmers.

Here are a few of the rental applications I received from a few of these types in that particular era that sketch out the web of associations, but this went on for over 8 years, and continues today, across state lines, and across legal thresh-holds of every kind:





Each time I posted an ad to the internet for tenants, I was inundated with these fascists, which indicates to me that the only way- the ONLY way– that these could appear out of nowhere was via  a direct wiretap to both the phone, and the computers that were used to conduct this business, but also to the internet forums where advertisements were posted. I was suddenly cast into an unknown sea of irrational but very real circumstances, at times doubting my own sanity.

Gradually, I saw that incident after incident is connected, from firm connections I document herein, to loose, or coincidental associations that today are clear, and wide spread, all across America, as we saw in the election of 2016. So, I began to document these incidents with vigor, even as main stream media relegated such political tactics as imaginary or worse.

Then, local media personalities also were gang stalked, and harassed in similar ways.

So, I learned then that one of the ways that Fusion Centers and Infragard operatives work politically, in real time, and behind the scenes, via political subversions I cannot yet name.

I was suddenly surrounded online and off by so-called progressives in a sort of shakedown of my personal life, disruptions of my internet connections, hacking my emails, and an intimidating assault on my privacy, my business, and more. Some of the exact causes that I believed in, and some of the exact politics that I once espoused were turned against me in ways I cannot fully describe, as I became a target of these people.

Here below, I will name a few of those who appeared out of the blue, or their associates, but there are many more- I use these names below to particularly note that the exact lobbyists and domestic violence industry advocates (the people who built the prisons, and the people who cannot conceive of fathers as members of families- these exact architects of the surveillance state for whom Trump is now a threat- where were they when Obama parked in front of my house?), and all are affiliated with ‘progressive’ causes or “women and children’s” lobbyists.

I post these names below in the public’s interest, as I have found a link between them and organized stalking. Any and all named parties are welcome to dispute my allegations, but good luck with that (see the exhibits above, where you, and your organizations are named).

I reveal these “private facts” in the public’s interest, as a form of opinion, and without actual or other malice; as you, and your named organizations are public entities; but especially because how you work under the cowardly banner of DVIC funded fraud, and police affiliated community organized stalking outweighs any private facts interest you might claim:

Amy Berquist- the Kreepy Kraven Koveness of Minnesota gang stalking operations? Her office is right next to the local police station, and together, these Kleegles work together to get Minnesota a deeper cut of the endless DVIC victim-pimp dollars, while they chase industry out of the stateand perptetrate lies and total myths about favored SJW topics, using aternative facts and fake news.

Haja Saramba Kandeh– just one of Ms. Bergquist’s minionettes who applied to rent property, but by then I was done with these people, to whom ‘collective responsibilty’ never includes their own.

Kristen Sukura- DVIC profiteer or just another Saint Catherine’s type rape-o-hoaxer? Ask the crybullies!
Kathy Thurston-why does VAWA sound like “Wawawawaaa” anyways? Saint Catherine’s University rape-o-hoax industry advocate (funding funding funding!)
Daniela Patricia Chavez/Hunter- crisis center poverty pimpette. When I met her, she was yammering on about witch craft and “manifesting” things. And, she was driving a car from the police impound lot.
Maggie Karl- Krisis PR Klavernist who worked at all the ‘right’ NGO’s dispensing their version of reality and crisis PR. Boys and Girls Club, Jewish Federation, and more; who rented property and brought just enough ‘furniture’ t qualify as a renter, but never slept in her rented space. She frequently left her computer in the room

Tori Rinehart- It’s for the Children, of course-which is why she, like many others in that era, signed a rental agreement and then re-nigged after less than a month. She painted her room and then, left spatter everywhere. Women’s violence takes unique forms (is it safe to say re-nigged around these people?)

For reference, see this Rape-O-Hoax from Rolling Stone magazine that demonstrates what ‘truth’ and ‘justice’ looks like to these people.

In the list above, there are two lawyers (one of whom clerked under Ruth Bader Ginsburg), three “domestic violence” advocates, one public relations professional, and one bartender, who “coincidentally” works in one of my former favorite bars. All of these came to me, and attempted to rent property from me, as I was under intense pressure to contribute to causes, and the local fraternal police fund ( I routinely got calls from the FOP asking for handouts, and those calls, at ‘inconvenient’ times).

Many if not all of them were connected through the web of crisis PR professionals, the poverty and children’s pimp lobbies, or one or another form of NGO, or kommunity klub, like the Rotary, Girls and Boys Klubs of America, or any of the many who derive profits from victim-pimping as they dispense war and death to the Middle East.

Related Stories: Why are the Jewish Federations drowning in a sea of grifters, extortionists, and embezzlers? Whatever you do, don’t ask the ADL or any of the other crybullies- they might stalk you, too.

Are the Shomrim of Brooklyn’s boroughs “community police” or brownshirt bullies, and why do they take bribes anyways?

Further, after contact with these people, my rental properties were targeted with selective enforcement, and more, including constant drive by’s by each and every police and city entity, from the dog-catcher to the ambulance, to the routine and pervasive squad cars, and so on. And all of that is on tape recordings, as noted elsewhere.

Most recently , I note herein, my writing and other narrative was targeted by a lawyer from San Francisco (documented elsewhere) and a so-called ‘activist’ friend of his. This lawyer, contacted my blog nearly two years ago, and mysteriously had facts and details from “my life” as well as direct and immediate connections to Minnesota and agencies such as those noted above. I interpret this to mean that nt only are these people able to maintain contact with me across the country, but that they do it from my internet connections, and through cell phone tracking.

While this statement above would be very difficult and expensive to document, what is NOT difficult at this time is to note the ‘relational web’ of these associates, and their associations, as well as the many many “coincidences” that these share, which I will not reveal herein.

Lastly, it is noteworthy that these persons noted above, and  elsewhere, all share another similarity: they are overseen and financed in part by not only internationalist interests, AIPAC, and other military organizations, but also, by Anti-Defamation League associations that use the ADL template of social violence through slander.

The ADL spying operation of 1993 ran a smaller version of what I describe above, and compiling databases and lists of Americans for blackmail and other political purposes was just one purpose of this traitorous act; currently they are the  only one of the NGO’s and other domestic organizations ever sued by the federal power because they were caught in a domestic spying operation, but with this story above, possibly a prosecutor will pick this up, and make suing these scandalous, traitorous NGO’s a favored political tool of “Change.”.





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