My case synopsis: my organized stalking experience began with lending voice to the voiceless, and counter-narrative against emergent fascism in America.

I will be brief, and state that which is at this point widely known. My case of personalized, malicious prosecution and extra-judical harassment began when I wrote a story about a Somali “terrorist” in the informant recruitment capital of America- Minneapolis Minnesota. Like many people, I also have had personal complications in life, and those were fully exploited, both overtly, and covertly to attempt to gain my complicity in what we now see as a fully emergent police state:

8 years of electronics.JPG
This box contains some 32 phones, various hard drives, cameras, and misc electronics that I used in a desperate bid to preserve my personal privacy, due process, and other trifling Constitutional guarantees, while also documenting what can best be described as a “disruption” campaign- and while documenting the internet subversions and other cyber tools of control in use by what can only be called a full blown police state. These, above were my tools against chronic and constant attacks from various agents and agencies for over 13 years. And in front of the box is a copy of “The History of Private Life,” by Aristide’

I beat domestic intelligence agencies, and the mainstream news to a story that I didn’t ask for, and was under-prepared to deal with in all of it’s implications- and I was ahead of the curve in predicting that our agencies are using tactics reminiscent of communist and fascist dictatorships throughout history to suppress free speech, rights to assemble, and associate; due process, equal protections, and especially- wiretapping every single American in real time. I have documented this elsewhere.

Then, in 2001-4, I was a college student, and news editor of the largest college monthly newspaper in America, the City College News.And I took the position that we are on the verge of a new McCarthyism that is detestable.


the beginning of my gang stalking experience part 2.JPG

And even then, I was aware that I was writing about someone who is likely mentally ill, as most of these terrorists are, and especially, the Somali kids who get entrapped in these FBI Countering Violent Extremist informant creation schemes. These guys are every bit as  compromised by  Christian, Jewish/zionist fanatics as they are by Muslim religious extremists and the hidden mechanisms of religious and tribal control here in America that bomb the babies of others in the name of God.


If America has ever been in danger of becoming a fascist theocracy, it is because of the collusion between feminists who view sex as a tool of control, and the Jewish-catholic machinery of power that extends back thousands of years before the United States Constitution was written. And I wrote about this many years before it was fashionable (since now the Hillary-Feinstein-Pelosi-Schumer-type blackmail-as-politic baby-bombing, NSA-spying Democrats have revealed themselves to be little better than any Republican; so much so they tossed the election to the Russians.)

I published an underground magazine.JPG
I published a cut-and-paste old school underground ‘zine, chastising the baby farmers, and domestic violence-waging industries that were raising the military-security state and an emerging fascism that we see ever more of today.




I kept then, and I keep now, many screen captures, photo’s, films, and other documentation of the ‘new’ wireless internet AP’s that spring up around me like flowers, and the many odd people and occurences of thiss era; and the crews of organized teams of bullies that sometimes surrounded me, wherever I go, and the miscellaneous other nefarious activities of our lawless “hacker-state,” devoid of due process.

Some seven years after I wrote the story about the terrorist, my personal storage locker was broken into, and my notes torn from the original reporters notebooks. And many other personal items, and more were rifled through. Later, on an anonymous blog, a new commenter came online, and made a comment about how “we don’t even need a warrant for a sneak and peek search!”

My reporters notes were targeted in 2010-12 (1).JPG


My reporters notes were targeted in 2010-12 (3).JPG

My reporters notes were targeted without a warrant in 2010-12 (1).JPG

Like many people, I have had my share of troubles, personally and professionally, but when this activity swirls around any one person, it is impossible to say which is personal, and which is state actions influencing the personal to extremities.And, the new DHS schemes fully exploit that as well. I was followed, and made aware that I was being blackmailed by the local DFL party, using, and abusing personal information about “me.”

At one point, police tried to lay the false charge of “terroristic threats” on me- one of many charges they attempted over the many years there, and every one of them dismissed- wholly tossed out of courts, often with “prejudice.” And I have had to pay actual monies every time they target me with false arrest, and extra-legal harassment :

False arrest number seven (1).JPG

And, when I try to engage in business, local police, acting under color of law and authority, wage slander campaigns behind my back. Here is my last business plan- a restaurant that was very successful, whereby moderate Muslims were able to run a business in the black after the first six months in business. And, with my PR,  this restaurant provided a secondary and well-loved Democratic party organizing spot. This spot was also broken into, and yet neither I or the owners were ever served with a warrant of any kind:


business plan for my subversive employment.JPG


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