Have you heard about Jasmine Abuslin/Celeste Guap’s case against seven police departments in California? She was used, pimped and abused by 30 cops since she was 12.

A young girl whose mother worked as a dispatcher in the Oakland Police Department was pimped from the age of 12 years old by police. Then, she wen public after her young 18 year old life hit the skids.

THEN the FBI stepped in to run a counter narrative that victims of police sexual abuse are, maybe-probably lying; that cops aren’t  pimps and johns, an hat girls who blow the whistle on this form of sex trafficking are prolly liars.

This is one way cops and the FBI create informants, but also act as pimps, and sex inductry profiteers- after all: who cares about some “little whore” where there are bigger smellier fish to fry-like whoever it is that got her fixed on heroin? It’s a brutal, endless cycle where cops skate, and victims are re-victimized by upper echelon agencies, for life.

Note below how a FBI agent runs counter-narrative about how cops and others in the ‘system’ are actually pimps and panderers:

Why the ‘Celeste Guap’ Scandal Isn’t Only About Her | Newsroom | KQED News
//6359315.fls.doubleclick.net/activityi;src=6359315;type=count0;cat=pagev0;ord=3590175538969;~oref=https%3A%2F%2Fww2.kqed.org%2Fnews%2F2016%2F09%2F29%2Fwhy-the-celeste-guap-scandal-isnt-only-about-her-case%2F?//6359315.fls.doubleclick.net/activityi;src=6359315;type=count0;cat=sitev0;ord=1;num=6250577522303;~oref=https%3A%2F%2Fww2.kqed.org%2Fnews%2F2016%2F09%2F29%2Fwhy-the-celeste-guap-scandal-isnt-only-about-her-case%2F? Quantcast


Former victims say this type of police sexual misconduct is not a one-off.

Nola Brantley, co-founder and former executive director of MISSSEY, an organization that helps victims of sex trafficking, says sexual misconduct between police and people involved in the sex industry happens quite often.

“You’re talking about a highly vulnerable population of individuals. It’s very, very common,” Brantley said. “Part of the abuse is the abuse that you receive at the hands of law enforcement.”

Brantley said she herself was abused by a San Francisco police officer when she was 14 years old.

In an email, Brantley wrote, “[the officer] was assigned to my high school and part of a program I was also a part of called Youth Court. It began with him targeting me, getting my telephone number off the program list and building trust with me over hours and hours on the phone.”

Brantley wrote that the officer was later terminated from SFPD, accepted a plea deal and did no jail time.

In her email, she wrote that the experience impacted her ability to feel safe and reduced her confidence in people with power and authority. Today Brantley helps others through training and consulting.

When she was at MISSSEY, Brantley says, “We’d have girls that would come in all the time and talk about being raped by police officers” or talk about how “police would not put pressure on their traffickers as long as they were allowed to have sexual contact with the girls.”

The Challenges of Documenting Abuse

FBI Special Agent Marty Parker works extensively with local law enforcement agencies around the Bay Area to combat human trafficking. She cautioned against taking all reports of police sexual misconduct at face value.

While she couldn’t comment specifically on the Bay Area scandal, Parker said, “…one thing that a lot of the agencies investigate pretty regularly are people out there who present to these girls as law enforcement.”

“We get that a lot. There’s always open cases at Oakland PD and other departments as well, where they’re picking up these girls and then demanding sex and stating that they’re law enforcement.”

She said a lot of the victims don’t even realize when they’re assaulted by someone who isn’t a real officer.



Authors note: the mother of my oldest child used to tell me that she had “gangs” or unknown “stalkers” following her wherever she went. She also told me-an the record shows- that she was a teen runaway, and she reported being sexually abused by cops, social workers, and psychologists. At the time, I didn’t believe her per se, but without a doubt, I now know what she said is true.

One of the great and sad ironies of ‘organized stalking’ is that it is cop-v-cop in many cases. The good cop, chasing the bad cop in an endless narrative of static and relatively useless enterprise. In the case above, my first thought is that the FBI agent is likely a dyke, using this girls naivete an pain to minimize insight into how the multiple agencies are involved in human trafficking, and exploiting not only children, but also, the narrative itself.

In other words- everyone profits fro the “human trafficking and child sexual exploitation narrative,” except the children abused by these peoples lockup on goodguyism, which is a subtle form of bullying yet to be described in sociological literature. So, when I hear about the billions made in the child sex trade, I think about every FBI agent, cops, social worker, so-called child advocate, and psychologist, etc., who derives income from this “industry.”

We live in an era where he FBI itself distribute child porn, for free.

And then there is the issue of the lucrative “foster care” industry, where social workers, judges, cops and lawyers; psychologists and others derive some 3.7 BILLION per year to kidnap children in America, where these children are then pt at a 70% increased rate of sexual trauma.


One must certainly ask who, exactly, is making money from it? Certainly not the Russian children who are sold to Israeli pimps and Saudi harems (whose international bankster kin control the industry)….be sure to keep an eye on your neighbor today! Cuz the pedophiles are everywhere, around every bush.

FBI is one of many “it’s for the children” agencies distributing child pornography, “for the children.”:





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