Me and Barry-or, Barry and me? How politics intersect with organized gang stalking.

I was once a vocal constituent in a state with so-called “progressive politics.” I created a progressive restaurant, and I blogged about, well, organized gang stalking. You see, I was an “early adopter” of the idea that Fusion Centers are political, and that the NSA and the cohort alphabet agencies are doing a LOT MORE than merely passively monitoring our internet connections- because in fact, they have the capacity to absolutely undermine democratic processes at the switch, as Edward Snowden has documented, and more-much more.

Or: You all know now, what I knew then.

Here is a series of photographs, take at a time when I was highly gang-stalked, and under chronic, pervasive, and abusive surveillance, likely because I had orchestrated a huge honeypot that captured the entire Democrat party voter base in a swill of great food, and finally, the election of a local Muslim Senator.

Anyways- President Barack Hussein Obama, and me. You see, many “paranoid schizophrenics” often report that people in high paces are assaulting them, manipulating them or otherwise accosting them in ways that defy “logical” descriptions. And these descriptions are usually rendered “insane” by ordinary psychologists, most off whom are mere drug dealers for Big Pharma, or other, similarly deluded persons. Remember: the American Psychological Association gave America both Donald Ewen Cameron-the chief of the MKULTRA mind control that the Church committee repudiated, but also, that the same agency oversaw torture of “Guantanamo detainees.”


Maybe America is off it’s Constitutional rocker, but I voted for that piece of shit Obama, just so that America could take the “white men won’t vote for a black president” meme off the political table- and look what that got us all. We now have a completely broken political process, no due process rights, and even less of a hold on Constitutional guarantees. We all no know what a Bushsucker Obama was, now, which I knew then, and stopped aiding their politic.

And, this is what I got, some 5 years into that racist presidency: Obama’s limo parked 1.5 blocks away from my house, as he has a “Juicy Lucy” with a woman whose politics indicate that men should be cuckolded, and single mothers who have jobs provided by the state, and who participate in child kidnappings and the multibillion dollar ‘domestic violence for the children’ industry are “Qwains!” Minnesota is a case study in progressive corruption.

OBAMA, in front of my house:


What’s that in the back of that truck!???! (Not a single Minneapolis cop even looked in the bed of that truck the whole time)


But who is that woman with the sun glasses?? She was a frequent occurrence/nuisance in my world around this time. She is the archetypal white, middle aged female from Minnesota. But WHY is SHE within the perimeter not out of it??! Prolly cuz Obummer gets a woody over women who look like his mom.


These are good cops and they did a great job with the perimeter they were given. Matt’s Bar is on the right with the “Premium” sign.


Hey Bro! I got your back…


So- President Obama had a burger with a woman at “Matt’s Bar” which is a favorite hangout for the local police, and the Democratic Farmer Labor party (the DFL). Any Russian or Chinese agent can note how sloppy this security detail is, and work accordingly. Put another way, this is a security detail of the Secret Service, using Minneapolis police to protect the president of the United States of America.

Can you find a hole? I not only found holes, but I also have and had moles in that area to this day. Hit me up, and provide a paycheck, and I will provide you with tips and tricks on how to understand American deep state “culture”and politics. After all- you guys paid for both candidates in the last “American” election- you might as well know the local scene now.

I became a political target and I have been shot in the back by agents who work with this exact police force; and no one EVER came to me face to face to discuss local politics, or culture, or ask for my aid and assistance. But they did manage to use the local police to try in every which way to set me up on drug charges, porn charges, sex trafficking charges, and more- much more. It’s called “coerced conformity,” and it’s an ‘off the radar’ cultural tactic of blackmail.

Simply put: I am done with these scumbags and color of law community policing- they are not what America is, or should be, and I am working on getting the Constitution back in the hands of the people


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