Who are targeted individuals? What do targeted individuals look like?

The NSA and other intelligence agencies, private contractors, and corporate spies and bullies who stalk people in secret want you to believe that those whom they target are mentally ill, or that they deserve it. They do this with false dichotomies such as ” if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” and many other attempts at spoliation of the facts of each and every individual case,attempting to mislead any researchers insight into discrediting narratives.

Here is what targeted individuals look like:

And they do it with slander campaigns waged behind the scenes, under color of authority, and often in league with police, though many LEO’s are often not aware that they have been used this way. Many if not all victims of OS report whisper campaigns that indicated they were pedophiles, or drug addicts or criminals, though frequently we find tat these same victims were first ” whistle blowers, advocates and activists, journalists, or involved in conscientious objection of one kind or another.

But those who are targeted are starting to speak up about this horrible abuse, and taking the power away from these hidden bullies.

Targeted individuals come from all walks of life, and cross socio-economic classes, ethnic groups, and racial categories. But one thing they share in common is that they are human beings who are experiencing unusual amounts of hidden harassment, and finding themselves isolated in a double-bind situation where speaking up gets one labelled, and not speaking up can get one killed, or worse.

Any researcher of organized gang stalking/ community stalking/workplace mobbing will readily see that this particular group has an exceptionally high number of nurses and health professionals-the exact category of people who are trained to recognize the difference between mental illness, and “not mental illness.”

Organized gang stalking is designed to create the appearance that mental health is questionable, but the symptoms ARE NOT an indicator of DSM-V MENTAL ILLNESS, though the effects of organized gang stalking are designed to create the appearance of it.

Related Reading: Induced Schizophrenia and the research of Gregory Bateson took place in Palo Alto, the current home of CIA cults, and “transhumanism.” .


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