Who are organized stalkers? Is Lisa Pearl a gangstalker from Minnesota? Ask her- she now resides in Stoughton MA.

As documented here on this blog an others, many ask ” but who are the gang stalkers?” And as crisis PR firms are hard at work to manipulate the terms of the discussion, while putting themselves into positions whereby they control the narrative*, or to relegate the term itself into the realm of “conspiracy theories,” I ask the reader to do their own homework, and draw their own conclusions with scientific, empirical fact- and especially, to name names of persons who are involved in these hidden ‘community policing’ schemes.

On that note, use this blog as only one of many resources, and this, as one persons experience with organized community policing schemes, aka gang stalking operations, aka organized stalking.

In my case, there have been several individuals who are affiliated with different social groups and community organizations, but primarily, in Minneapolis, control of the narrative and control of local politics begin with the core questions of so-called progressive ‘identity politics,’ which are the politics of Leon Trotsky, Fabian incrementalists, and socialists, but are primarily used today as tools of a new form of oppression by those who are ’empowered’ by this dialogue.

And Minnesota, like many localities around America today, has been heavily influenced by the privately financed junkets whereby the ADL buys police forces  and student campus leaders alike, in a form of ‘social graft’ yet to be widely publicized. Where once the Nazi’s and the Jewish mob both thrived separately, today, many who are involved in gang stalking are funded and encouraged by international banking interests an federal policies- they are one and the same.

So, whereas the KKK once had great political power and financial backing, today it is the other groups who fall under the banner of “diversity,” and claiming that they do what they do “for the children.” And, the women and mothers of course, as these organized groups in Minnesota are often allied together under the rubric of “women and children,” following a tradition as old as bolshevism. But most interestingly, the anti-war and peace movements have been all but destroyed.

Related Reading: How Communists and socialists disguised their culture war under the banner of “women and children.” Also, how white slavery is the primary money maker for  bolshevists who profit from children.

One of the many stalkers who mysteriously appeared in and out of my life at this time was one woman named Lisa Pearl, who according to her online presence can’t seem to hold down one job, but instead, works from within multiple agencies and offices ranging from real estate, to close connections with the public schools, the local police (many of whom train in Israel under the privately financed schemes of the Anti-Defamation League), and she even works in media relations.In other words- all of her endeavors fit the profile of not only a cause stalker, but also an organized stalker working within the community policing schema. I will use her as one of many examples because I recently discovered new facts about the time period where she ‘coincidentally’ appeared in my life.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, there are connections between community policing, real estate, and crisis PR, and too, many of these stalkers claim they are acting on behalf of the children. Lisa Pearl fits all of these categories as I will demonstrate, and it is important to note that I was so thoroughly terrorized by these people that I sold a house in order avoid their harassment. In fact, homelessness is a main theme of gang stalking blogs many of which are written by police or their ADL sponsors.

And, Ms. Pearl, if you find what I say to be untruthful, or inaccurate, I invite you to write to me here at this blog, and correct any facts or assumptions herein-but I maintain the right of opinion, and state that what I write herein is not written with malice but instead, for the better understanding of an issue that is worthy and in the public’s right to know, and as a matter of personal opinion about my interaction with you, amongst others.

As you might be aware, the effects of organized gang stalking have reached a public health crisis: many so-called suicides, and mass shootings, and incarcerations, as well as mental health issues are currently being brought to light, and attributed to this hidden form of domestic terrorism. And, much like the KKK of olden times, the victims of these ‘community policing’ initiatives have no voice in their communities due to the hidden, para-judicial prejudices of those who practice it.

Meet Lisa Pearl, community gang stalker

Lisa Pearl – lisapearl@homeinc.org

Media Lab Coordinator, Young Achievers – Lisa, who started working at Young Achievers in fall of 2011, has an associate degree in visual communications from Brown College and B.A. in Business Administration from Hamline University.  Lisa has also taken classes in TV video production classes at Stoughton Media Access Corporation. Lisa, who has worked part-time in the Randolph Public schools has experience in TV camera operation, web graphics and web design, photography, computer lab coordination, conflict resolution focusing on youth restorative justice, project management and business process analysis. Lisa has received numerous awards for her work with youth including the Minnesota Governor and Mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Lisa, who comes to Boston via Minneapolis, currently lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Ms. Pearl managed to appear in and around my life playing the role of realtor, the role of “interested tenant,” seeking to rent property (and this, at a time when an illegal wiretap was being run on my phone, and the phones of other activists, artists, and political organizers)-Ms. Pearl ‘parroted’ information back to me about my life and personal business, and also conveniently, in the role of ‘conflict mediator’ who appeared just around the time the local police were stirring the pot in my neighborhood with un-warranted black bag intrusions and spying on community activists and organizers.

Community “mediation” is just one noble idea turned on its head by these types , and a form of ethically questionable, morally reprehensible practices that the DHS has manipulated into politically charged, Stasi-like intelligence gathering operations, that is later used to create cases, or to create probable cause; and ruin people lives. And like the questionable basis of the FBI’s “countering violent extremism programs” that indoctrinate psychologists, social workers, and community leaders into becoming informants rather than practicing professionals that adhere to standards of confidentiality, or the Hippocratic oath, these programs have created a society of gutless an cowardly spies who undermine justice, due process, and every other tenet of the Constitution’s guarantees.

Today,  instead of ‘white supremacy,’ and mob activity of olden days, where these agents and agencies were fighting ‘bad guys,’ today they are fighting activists, and petty criminals as well as whistle blowers, journalists, pot heads,  and innovative thinkers who are on their lists as “influencers,” and “potential influencers.”

Now we have this other form of supremacy that I will leave it to the reader to name  themselves. And because these are political stalkings primarily, targeting speakers, speech, privacy, and assembly, as well as equal protections under the Constitution, each incident of prolonged community policing and intelligence gathering has it’s own features, and operates from it’s own version of moral superiority, or basis, and varies across localities; but in my personal case, I pissed off the diversity crowd, and those who profiteer off of sex workers and who exploit moral panics for profit, because at the heart of THAT movement is always zionist supremacy backed by international finance.

Here is a blurb about conflict resolution from that cities website:

Conflict Resolution Center

There are many ways to resolve problems in addition to calling 9-1-1. If an incident occurs that has built up over a long period of time, it’s probably not just going to go away quickly. The Conflict Resolution Center (formerly Minneapolis Mediation Program) is an excellent option to help you talk with all parties involved and come to a long-term solution. Here are some more facts about mediation:

65% of all cases referred to Conflict Resolution Center result in a mediation between the disputing parties.
70% of all mediations result in an agreement between the disputing parties.
90% of all agreements reached in mediation are complied with by both parties!
90% of all participating parties report satisfaction with the process.

Conflict Resolution Center’s services are free or low cost for all community cases referred by the MPD or local social service agencies. If you have a concern that you think could be mediated, call Conflict Resolution Center at 612-822-9883. If you know of a problem issue that is ongoing, encourage the parties to call Conflict Resolution Center directly. The statistics show that once people take the first step, they are able to resolve the issue and move on with their lives.

Here is the main mediation center in Minneapolis:
Bulman Karmit-Conflict Resolution Center

So, any research of organized gang stalking must approach the science and the proof of any claim. Here above are mine, and here below, is a set of facts that indicate ‘more probable’ than ‘less probable’ that Ms. Pearl is a gang stalker.

  1. She first appeared in my life seeking to rent a room, and she handed me her ‘Edina Realty’ business card, which referred to her cover as a realtor (her website and presence at that firm has since been take offline). At this time she also stated a series of facts that could have only been gleaned from a wiretap of my phone or house.
  2. I next encountered Ms. Pearl in the disguise of “mediator” in a dispute I had with a drunken, stoned, racist neighbor. Ms Pearl noted that she would step aside if there was a conflict of interest, but I insisted she remain as the ‘mediator’  in order to keep her name in the records.
  3.  Shortly after the ‘mediation’ where certain facts were disclosed to Ms. Pearl, I endured  black bag job.

While it is tempting for some to claim a racial, ethnic, or other basis for these organized operations, or any of a number of other basis, in my experience, these are political operations encouraged by, and waged on behalf of the DHS working with local law enforcement, and funded by AIPAC and Anti-Defamation League affiliated people. These are part of what I call the “Israelification” of American law enforcement and social policy.

In other words, like the KKK and other anti-assimilation groups of old working against blacks and Jews and Catholics many years ago, the new DHS paradigm works at the behest of the most racist of the racists, and targets mostly speakers who challenge their narrative power. In this light, any research of organized stalking also shows a clear connection to the fact that many who are stalked challenge official narratives, or work in alternative media.

And to be clear- many of the victims of these state sponsored harassment cases do not fit neatly into any on racial ethnic or religious category. You can find the elements of gang stalking in every case from Omar Mateen being recruited by the FBI to perform acts of terror, to the Malheur rancher standoff and the death of LaVoy Finicum, where a white rancher with fundamentalist and constitutionalist beliefs was shot dead, and the protesters later vindicated by the courts; to Gavin Long, aka Cosmo Setepenra who advised black people to take control of their lives.

But what many miss is the incidents and the individuals who act as a de facto “advance guard’ as they infiltrate the lives of those of us who are aware of it beforehand. In my case, I have named one such agent of the hidden state and its hidden intelligence gathering, and will name more later on. But to the researcher of organized gang stalking, I leave facts that can be verified, and people who you can interview for their own side of the story. This is the nature of scientific inquiry, and sociological basis of inquiry.

I that light, if Ms Pearl shows up at your door, as a tenant, or other ,be aware that she is-in my opinion- gathering intelligence, and works behind the scenes with the hidden mechanisms of “community policing.” And, be careful about signing anything in confidentiality, and use my experience with her as an example of that.

Because- it’s for the children, they say. But whose?

  • Any research on gang stalking must note the complicity of media in systematically discrediting the counter-narrative of organized stalking. so, ever police department has a crisis PR professional, and every social organization has the same, and they work to hide facts from the public. Many example stand out, but most notably, in cases where there are “active shooters.”
  • The narrative control has eve become an issue post-election, as “fake news” has become h enemy rather than “official narratives that run scripts on the American public.” I this way, these crimes an criminals who work within official capacities are able to continue their activity, while blaming ‘fake news,’ rather than telling the truth in media.
  • lastly- I must restate that this is my personal opinion, based upon actual interactions with Lisa Pearl over a period of time, and those interactions, witnessed by others who also found the “coincidence” of the encounters to be suspect.

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