To the Academic Research of gang stalking, organized stalking, and group stalking

This is a blog attempting to assist the researcher of organized stalking, group stalking, cause stalking, etc.

Unlike many, many blogs out there, I ask the researcher to do their own critical thinking, and to create their own hypotheses- to test my conclusions against the conclusions of others in a scientific manner.

Any researcher who has landed here knows already that the online community discussing gang stalking calls themselves “targeted individuals,” and that hey are being stalked by “perpetrators/perps.”

This community clearly ranges from outright schizophrenics, bi-polars, depressives who have found a life online, and other mentally ill people; to military contractors, the US Air Force, corporate spies and intelligence agencies running disinformation and misinformation campaigns.

There is equally, a contingent of these gang stalking blogs that are orchestrated by agencies such as the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, etc to manipulate, black mail, gray-mail; keep and eye on, or simply to harass whistle blowers, confidential informants, targets of investigations, and at-risk personnel.

In each and every post herein, I ask the researcher to test my hypotheses, and to form their own conclusions. I do not seek attention, nor do I ask for contributions. I do ask that you link back should you use online media, to credit this blog or quote my material, or otherwise give credit where credit is due. And especially, if you are a targeted individual, I ask nothing of you other than that you stay safe, and keep reaching out to those of us who understand that you are NOT imagining it.

This blog is intended to help the researcher understand what is gang stalking, what is organized stalking. And, it is this researchers attempt to disrupt the ability of those who do this to others, whether they act officially, or in an unofficial capacity.  It is dedicated to assisting the victims of these multiple agencies and agents. In that light, enjoy!


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