Six year old boy shot to death in car as his unarmed father is murdered by a state-paid stalker.

Cop Had Been Stalking Man’s Fiancée Before Murdering His 6-year old Son

Blaming “all cops” for gang stalking is unfair and short sighted, but why does it take extreme cases, o extreme actions to shine a light to this topic? The short answer is tht most police departments derive funding by NOT reporting it, or taking a stand against this extreme form of ‘law enforcement privilege.’

Cop Was Stalking Man’s Fiance’ Before Pulling Him Over and Murdering His 6-yo Boy

Marksville, LA — More information is coming to light about the two Marksville City Marshals, who ruthlessly shot to death a 6-year-old boy as he was buckled into the back seat of a vehicle.

Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, Jr. are currently being held, each with a $1 million bail for the murder of Jeremy Mardis and the attempted murder of his father, Chris Few.

Few’s attorney, Mark Jeansonne said Monday, that the body camera video shows the father of this 6-year-old autistic boy who was shot to death in his car, had his hands in the air and did not pose a threat.

After it was revealed that the officers had fabricated a story about Chris Few having an outstanding warrant and being armed, the family is left wondering why in the world he was stopped in the first place.

Couple their lies with the fact that Few’s attorney said he had his hands up during the stop, and a dark and ominous scenario begins to unfold.

Until now, there was still no logical reason for the stop, leaving everyone wondering why these officers went after Few at all. However, all that changed when Few’s fiancée came forward about her relationship to one of the murdering cops, Norris Greenhouse, Jr.

According to the Advocate, Megan Dixon, Few’s fiancée, said this weekend that Few had a previous run-in with Greenhouse. A former high school classmate of Dixon, Greenhouse had started messaging her on Facebook and had come by the house Few and Dixon were sharing at the time…

…follow the link to read more.

This blog asks the question- how extreme do the actions of hidden groups and hidden individuals who operate with impunity have to be before the LEO’s who truly do great work take a stand against the ‘community policing’ rubric of hidden, state sponsored terror?

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