Organized stalking and hidden domestic campaigns of terror creation hide a bigger fact: some good guys are actually the bad guys and vice versa.

Minnesota is a hotbed for religious cults, and Masonic orders to hide ritual abuse of children, and the established organizations that claim to protect the children are sadly an actually their de facto pimps. In the disguise of protecting children from sex trafficking, they derive massive profits from war, and death overseas, and then, the state sponsored kidnapping of the children whose parents they killed. This pattern is clear in the fact that some 75% of all children placed into foster care and adoptive situations have been sexually-and ritually-abused.

While the “satanic ritual abuse” hoaxes of the 1980’s and 90′ have been soundly debunked, it was only due to the hard work of hose who understand that our social conception of ‘pedophiles’ is endemically flawed, as it portrays some guy living in his mother’s basement; or a creep in a park. But the facts are that those in authority, and those who seek contact with children, and those who act in official capacities- those who are integral to ALL social rituals, fro court rooms to squad cars to other places where social rituals take place- these people are mos likely to abuse children.

Here is one of those organizations, but there are many more:

Rotarians for Hope


As a Rotarian for Hope, Rotarians support the bridge to recovery for child victims of sex trafficking in their own communities and across the globe.

Child sex trafficking is one of the most common types of commercial sexual exploitation. Child sex trafficking is a high priority at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® because these children are often currently missing and actively being exploited. Child sex trafficking victims include girls and boys. NCMEC has been designated by the U.S. Congress to serve as the nation’s clearinghouse on issues of missing and exploited children.

These organizations are everywhere you find a dialogue about missing or exploited children and a dollar or two. So much so, that it forces the question: are these same involved in creating the issues they police? One look at how child pornography is distributed, and to who it s targeted will reveal a horrifying answer- these hidden but well heeled ‘helpful’ organizations are helping to create terrorists by disseminating child pornography.

It wouldn’t take too much effort by any researcher to discover that those who drive the narrative of child abuse, are not only those who have harmed a great number of children, but also they drive this narrative of ‘help.’ when in fact, many under aged prostitutes and exploited children can testify that it is these exact community leaders who have exploited, raped, or sexually abused them- I have known some of these myself.

And, like the The Jordan Sex Abuse scandal of the 1980’s was part of a well orchestrated nation-wide hidden movement whereby these various lodges, working from within official capacities, maintained social control by creating the spectre of child rapists everywhere, it wouldn’t be hard to prove who it was that denied children opportunity. Their narrative of goodguyism is far more profitable than any individuals story of abuse at their hands.

And, in Minnesota, despite the constant dialogue abut “progressive politics,” it is strikingly regressive in its reliance upon the false narrative of males as primary sexual abusers: in the Jordan case, one of the two actual abusers was a woman- but te State refused to prosecute it!

“One woman admitted sexually abusing her son, but the Scott County attorney decided not to file charges (in that case there was no connection to a sex ring or other adults)”

Here is a list of the Satanic Ritual Abuse hoaxes of that era, where many families were destroyed, and children’s lives ruined with the creation of a false memory syndrome- trance formation driven by the fact that lies travel the world much quicker than the truth.

The researcher of organized gang stalking will note that many blogs and many books document a hidden, occult factor to this ‘phenomena’ but in reality, it is simply illegal, unethical, and abusive tactics applied by those in authority to those who are not in authority.

The issue of proof is elusive, and some have been murder trying to disclose this fact, while others are just thought to be mentally ill in some way or another. However, if you just scratch the surface of any individual case, you will find one or another lodge, or quasi-religious order behind much of it, and because many of these lodges and orders are tied up with police, fire, and other institutions.

To blame the Masons would be naive, because so many groups derive profits, and federal financing from this ‘societal order.’ Each case, and each locality is different, though there is evidence that these groups are the new Klu Klux Klan, with the difference being that the Klan tactics are now used by multiple ethnic and racial categories of people, and most groups are seeking to diversify in order to catch up with the new world. Hence, the references in many blogs to the new World Order, and on many blogs that discuss organized gang stalking, many occult symbols, and so on.

These cults are deeply involved with children, as any cursory research will reveal, and in fact, are what you read about when you read about ‘ritual abuse,’ but they have turned the narrative on it’s ear. As many know, the majority of missing children are runaways, who return home shortly after they run away, or are known to be runaways who planned that exact act. And some 95% of Amber alerts are parental custody issues- again, these ‘helpful’ groups are in fact causing much of the problem and using a false narrative to do so.

Like domestic violence, where whole families were destroyed while the state actors from the colleges to the courts, to the ‘women and children only’ shelters- these institutions waged domestic violence, they didn’t stop it. And they built a prison system and filled it with the fathers of children who might otherwise have resisted what we see today in the middle east, as these same ‘orders’ take the term ‘terrorist’ and turn it on its head, excusing their pre-emptive violence by fearful consensus.

The same can be said about ‘cult abuse’ or ‘ritual abuse,’ or the cases where we read that Masonic conspiracy is at work. There is no conspiracy, just old fashioned hidden abuse of power, in many forms, and directed at the powerless in order to keep some form of status quo, or to recreate the old one.

It is a paradigm shift away from the supernatural and back into the natural, as we see that which is hidden revealed as nothing more than bullies with badges, and organizations that apply brutal hidden forms of social control in order to drive a narrative. Here, we see the Rotary Club’s outreach to children- and the paradox is that it claims to be an organization founded in peace.

And beyond the derivation of profits from driving a false narrative that they represent peace, they also profit from what are becoming sadly, increasingly common: Rotary Club members on the surface claim they are dedicated to world peace, but in fact are profiteering from active shooter training, and profiteering from ‘domestic terrorist’ narratives.

As any researcher of organized gang stalking knows, these so-called ‘domestic terrorists’ like Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, and Gavin Long, the Louisiana cop-killer and Omar Mateen, the Florida nightclub shooter- many of these shooters claim that they are victims of organized stalking, gas-lighting, and more. What’s more, is that it is now very clear that most if no all of these who claim to be gang staked have also had extensive involvement with what is know as the FBI informant recruitment and the Countering Violent Extremism programs.

Lastly, there are many more connections to these hidden networks of cultists and organized gang stalkers, who work together in what is known as the “community policing” initiatives of the Department of Homeland Security.

As noted elsewhere, the ADL, working with the Rotary and many others- an organization that claims to work against defamation- is one of the defamers in chief, dragging dossiers around behind peoples backs, and then crying foul, and alerting the police when their slanders are discovered. This is what organized stalking is, and it is a crushing assault on individuals who challenge their hidden rule- and the anarchy of their disorders.

Many have commented that this is exactly what was done in East Germany, Russia, etc with secret police- and it is what is happening in Minnesota today. There is no small irony that it is these same characters deriving income from the narrative of ‘white slavery’ one way or another.


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