Moral panics and crisis PR industries work hand in hand with organized stalkers and online mobsters.

The research on organized gang stalking shows clear patterns that emerge after deep analysis of the locations, and the topics that are woven into the narratives themselves.  And nearly every blog about this topic contains somewhere, the phrase that targeted individuals are ‘people of such high character” and that they are slandered as “criminals, whistle blowers pedophiles, drug dealers,” and so on. In psychological operations, and so-called mind control forums these same charges are often found as well, lending credibility to the claims of some that the blogs are  psychological operations themselves.

So, in the patterns we find actual cases of online mobbing and bullying that often comes offline, and few cases are as clear as those that involve well-heeled morality policing where institutions and organizations derive federal or other funding to wage crisis PR campaigns targeting  an issue.

The most notoriously abusive campaigns are waged against the theoretically most reprehensible of persons and causes. Two such cause that actually affected the election last year between Trump and Clinton was social justice warriors crying rape and the other was how vested interests claimed that  a huge pedophile scandal was afoot and that Trump himself was one such pedophile.

In the online gang staking community, we can see elements of these same issues, and we can see that many organized stalking blogs are in fact law enforcement or investigatory agencies waging psyops, influence campaigns aka ‘mind control,’ and often hand in hand with state and federal initiatives, interrogating both moral narratives and also of individual speakers to institute mass morality. Those who traffic in crisis PR  use moral policing as pretext to profit and one such moral cause is “human trafficking.”

Here below is one case where we see both individual stalkers an the police working together to profit from independent sex workers:

The case of Stella Marr, the internet bully, and online stalker, who has made claim in the past that she is affiliated with President Obama, and who threatens, and bullies independent sex workers.

White Slavery Liars, and their international bankster buddies hide behind “philanthropy” to push social policy, secretly, and beyond the reach of Democracy.

Minnesota isn’t alone in fighting sex trafficking profiteers who seek to own and control the sex trade by hook and crook, but they are notorious for online mobbing and harassment of speakers online who challenge the false narratives from which Minnesota derives hundreds of millions of federal funding, and mysterious ‘ philanthropy’ from un-named international executives hiding behind shell companies. To challenge their narrative is to reveal the lie, and lies die hard.

Here- watch how a lie can travel the world before the truth gets its pants on:

More on that later. But here’s more on Stella Marr/ Amy Rugland- Ponomaraev, who runs a real estate empire the stretches the length and distance of I-35. And that, coincidentally, is a main pipeline for sex and labor trafficking. It is also a major development corridor in Minneapolis Oh-she is also apparently affiliated with a daycare in Coon Rapids Minnesota along with others.

Here is Stella’s locked blog:

And here is “Survivors Connect” a blog that purports to assist ‘victims of sex trafficking” and it has been suspended:

Coincidence? Suuuure. Notice that most of the links run out around 2012, just after the federal funding dried up in that era, and the push was on for the alphabet agencies and their ‘community policing’ cohorts to slurp at the funding trough again? Or, because Amy Ponomaerev was outed as a shill for the domestic/sexual violence industry that exploits the narrative of ‘all sex is slavery’ while deriving profits federal agencies and then uses those monies to bully sex workers and anyone else who challenges their funding or moral imperatives?

Here a piece of the lie- from Ruth Jacobs-enjoy!

Human Rights » Human Trafficking Awareness » In the Booth with Ruth – Stella Marr, Sex Trafficking Survivor, Anti-Sex Trafficking Activist and Advocate, Executive Director and Founding Member of Sex Trafficking Survivors United (Survivors Connect)

In the Booth with Ruth – Stella Marr, Sex Trafficking Survivor, Anti-Sex Trafficking Activist and Advocate, Executive Director and Founding Member of Sex Trafficking Survivors United (Survivors Connect)

But here is some of the other crap these scorched earth online mobs and their bullies leave behind after they have trolled, harassed, stalked, and often, followed, surveilled and even in some cases, boycotted people who refuse to be intimidated by them:

These people perpetuate the near myth of white slavery because that myth has been worth 1.6 trillion dollars- because ‘we don’t want those white slavers coming here do we?’

“This month, I was fortunate to meet, via cyberspace, a remarkable woman by the name of Stella Marr. Stella was a prostitute in NYC for almost 10 years. During this time, one of her “Johns”, as they’re oft-called, gave her a beautiful condominium opposite the Lincoln Center. He “kept” her as his sex slave for almost two years. After selling the condo, Stella used the money to fund her BA at Columbia University. She graduated with distinction, majoring in writing.”

Here, for Later, Slavery, she has penned a letter to her former self. I’d personally like to thank Stella for sharing her story with such heart.



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