Minnesota FBI targeting targeted targets: Somali’s in Minnesota are in double jeopardy, before they ever see a court room. Another day of Organized stalking in Minnesota.

Another case of exploiting the mentally disabled involved Shawahar Matin Siraj. Described by the FBI as being ‘extremely impressionable due to severe intellectual limitations,’ he liked to spend his time playing video games and Pokémon in his mother’s house.

An undercover FBI agent who claimed to have a terminal illness (which mirrored the illness of Siraj’s late father) cozied up to him, and wove an emotional web around the vulnerable man. After the agent broached the idea of a terrorist attack to him, which involved blowing up a local subway station, Siraj is on record as saying he ‘had to ask his mother first.’ Even by the FBI’s own reports, Siraj never actually agreed to participate.

Still, he was convicted on four counts of conspiring to attack a subway station. On his first day in prison, Siraj apparently asked the guard for access to play Pokémon.


Exploitation in Minnesota

Never mind the fact that the FBIDEACIANSAICEETCALPHABETAGENCY is targeting mentally ill people and creating crime- focus on vaginas! There’s waaaaay more money to be made by profiteering off of prostitutes than any mentally ill person.

Minnesota is a virtual honeypot of women, and women’s organizations deriving millions from the nearly false narrative of sex trafficking. There is so much money to be made that new women’s organizations are banking up databases full of dollars, and women who can be pimped in other ‘official’ ways.

Here, have a look- Minnesota is a “safe harbor” for women to harbor whatever it is they are harboring.


As a non-violent resistor, I am no fan of fanatics or religion but also realize that our Constitution and American freedom are threatened more by other Americans who either don’t know, or don’t care that our sworn agents and agencies are crapping all over our most fundamental rights in order to keep hei paychecks fat by creating terror and other crimes. Mentally ill people being targeted with organized stalking in attempts to hold up a boogieman is just the tip of a very large and very scary slipppery slope.


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