How I encountered organized stalking in Minnesota.

I met a young woman on a street of Los Angeles in 1985, who was pushing  stroller with a baby named Jennifer in it. As it turned out, this girl who  met was an 18 years old, and had been a runaway, and a street prostitute from the young age of 12. The baby- who was adorable-Jennifer is by now some 30 years old, and her mother nearly 50.

This young beauty who had been raised in foster care, claimed that she was being pursued by a “gang” of people who she neither knew, nor could name. And she said, these people were trying to steal her baby; and that wherever she goes, they could find her.

Do you know where YOUR internet switch is at?

A  19 year old man I has no idea how big or how deep it all goes but I have since learned that it goes to the top-at the highest levels of my society exists a social mechanism that is so brutal, and so hard to pin down that they get away with horrible things one generation after the next. And thy gt away with i because he have the money, and the power, but also, because they control he dialectic and manipulate the narrative so ferociously that no one man can stand against their ritual abuse of narrative.

This young woman later had “my baby” and put me through her own version of hell, after I tried i ever was to help her and tried to love her, and to marry her,  but that is another story. What matters now, is that I explain that at the time, I began to suspect she was a great confabulator, but now know with all certainty that she was telling the truth. You see- she herself was the daughter of a cop from Minnesota ho could o nothing t keep her a home; and who once said that I was ” the only boy she ever brought home who he respected.”

In this writing, I cannot coverall of the details, but suffice it to say that in Minnesota a the time, here was a huge moral panic about satanic daycare’s, and certain people made money off of exploiting other people- but i isn’t how you might think. You see- there is now and was then a dearth off actual “pimps” and actual “kidnappers” or “pedophiles” but the corrupt institutional systems are adept at perpetuating two things: careerism in individuals who agree to perpetrate institutional abuses of common people, and then, self perpetuating models of profit scheming based in myths and lies; an all of that enforced by hidden means and methods of social control.

But in my case, I left a business in Los Angeles which I had started at 18 yer old, and a job; and within 6 months of meeting “Betty Crumpy” my entire bank account which I had saved for my own college; and life savings which I had earned with my own two hands was drained. Betty was system child, and still is, intergenerationally, and I am the foil to her fables, not all of which are without merit.

In the time I knew her, she told me tales of highly placed men and women who used her in rituals, bought her for sex, served food off of her naked young body, and much more. She told me that she was afraid of the devil and that wherever she went there was  hidden gang chasing her; I even once witnessed an old couple try to buy her daughter, and was fortunate enough to be there to stop it. And sh told me that foster care and adoption services are full of sex predators; that social workers, care facility orderlies, and even cops use young kids for sex. It all seemed to impossible to me at the time.

Today, however, we know that most of those who are charged with protecting children are in fact pimping and selling them right out of foster care, or profiting from them in one way or another- and that these people all have big secrets they do not want to be “brought int the light, which is where my story comes in: I am  scapegoat who refuses to be fenced in by their false, but highly official narratives.

But after all these years, I have come to know with certainty that such hidden power exists, and that it will continue to exist, until more of me-urged on by these mad stories- come forwards to speak it out loud. And, I’m done with these black bag jobs.


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