Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom, professor emeritus California State University, explains how organized stalking works.

Professor Eric Karlstrom of Cal State explains how the Department of Homeland Security spreads money around to various organizations an entities, to harass, and then define American citizens as “enemies of the state” when they challenge  official narratives.

Without getting into specific politics, religion, or other distractions, or the “why” of who is targeted in  organized gang stalking, what is important to note is that it affects people across all social classes, across racial, ethnic and religious classes of people, and regardless of politics, it reflects an internationalist agenda that has seriously challenged our Constitution, and our most basic human rights across the board.

It is an American issue, and, it is very very real, and it happens to doctors, lawyers, police officers and scientists as well. And, as noted elsewhere in my writing, Dr. Karlstrom also notes that he has been stalked by USAF members and associateded cultists, security personel,  anden local law enforcement agents.

Dr. Karlstroms website: http://naturalclimatechange.us/

Special Note: My internet connection froze, and my connection to this video above stopped, as soon as I hit “send” in my email, which was “theoretically” protected by using Tor in a different browser(Tor, which most American activists know, has been subverted at the switch, an at fusion centers, since at least 2010.)



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