Correlations with community AND policing: Research of organized gang stalking frequently mentions an occult or ‘masonic’ element, which has academic merit, and can be verified with science.

Police, fire, and “community clubs” like the Rotary Club gang stalk “for the children,” and many of the most highly organized groups of ‘pedophiles’ can also be found in these organizations as well [ here, here and here are just a few of these recent police, intelligence agencies, and politician collusion’s to rape and molest children-and those children drawn from the ranks of kids whose parents get caught in the monetized social services/foster care web.]

While on he surface, it seems implausible that well respected community members could do such things, one only need to scratch the surface of any major investigation of these groups to find well organized and well disguised pedophile secrets hidden in plain sight: the ‘foreign exchange students,‘and especially in the foster care system. children are raped and abused in staggering numbers.

The researcher of organized gang staking will find interesting correlations between those who write blogs about ‘ritual abuse’ and various community organizations ranging from retired cops to Lions Club, Boys and Girls Clubbers, and Rotarian’s. All of these also have high correlations between organizations that derive profits from moral panic, and sex hysteria, and blogs that document gang stalking.

And, equally high correlations between what is called ‘ masonic ritual abuse’ and involvement with children. Child kidnapping through the mis-use of state resources is big business, and access to children through the Rotary Clubs and other ‘lodges and orders’ are integral in this scheme, via their integration in the schools, police, and fire departments.

Pimping social panic is the root of organized society, and Minnesota is “highly organized,” and has a well hidden network of electronic peeping Toms.

In Minnesota, one rather famous case is that of the 1980’s Jordan Daycare child sex abuse scandal, where social workers, using junk science, and quoting from a book called “Michelle Remembers” about a therapist who married his young girl patient-police, and prosecutors made careers off of orchestrating false sexual abuse allegations that victimized children, and destroyed families wholesale.

Most of it was proven to be a hoax, based in junk science, and outright lies perpetrated by state actors. The witch hunt feature is one example of how raising the moral panic flag keeps a focus off of the larger issues of rapists and pedophiles who work under color of law and color of authority in Minnesota.

The investigation, which some say evolved into a “witch hunt,” led to the eventual arrest of 23 other adults.

National news media descended on Jordan as children spun wild tales of homicides committed by members of a sex ring.

In total, 37 children were alleged to have been molested, according to a Time magazine article.

But sexual hysteria is a Yuuuuge issue in Minnesota, and pushing boogieman narratives is big business for academics and some uncouth element of the police state. Whereas candidates like Trump and Sanders spoke to issues of the economy, and jobs, and the need to divest our resources from the clutches of international bankster’s, the Clinton cash cow, and it’s child slavery rings run by people like Jeffrey Epstein were focused on sex sex sex-‘for the children,’ of course.

Of course, it’s for the children.

So big is the Minnesota voice and the blare of its propaganda machine, that the constant drumming of “rape is everywhere!”likely cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 presidential election, because in Minnesota, many are waking up to the sexual blackmailing, and moral panic profiteering nature of the state and its institutions.And I suspect, the issue of how single mothers pimp children to state actors. A big voice is a good tool to shift the focus from operators at the state and federal levels who are all in on the abuse, to the boogieman, who must be created from whole clay in order to exist.

Deb Matheny, who appears to have lost her daughter to social services, who then very likely pimped her to others in the system, is an outspoken victim of gang stalking, which is very common in Minnesota, as those who occupy the seats of power on one hand talk about saving children, and on the other, secretly participate in the secret practice of passing those kids around behind close doors.

Have you ever noticed that every time there is a big child porn or prostitution ‘sting’ it is cops, priests, rabbi’s, social workers, and psychologists getting caught up? The most basic, cursory Google research reveals this fact- but it can also make you a target of these same people! This is because the narrative of state sponsored ritual abuse focuses on the poor, the disenfranchised, the weak, and the mentally ill, while essentially signing a free pass to those in “authority,”and anyone who buys in to the boogieman narrative.

And, when one of those in authority steps out of line, or risks these secret state sponsored covens, they get pornified. For the few potential whistle blowers to step forward carries the risk that these state level operations will be revealed, and more often than not, the individual is singled out with planted porn.

As noted, Minnesota has a long record of on one hand creating or participating in moral panic industry that involve sex, and on the other, the children who are passed along in these systems report high levels of abuse- at the hands of police, and more. This is what ‘occult abuse’ actually is. Carver County is one of the places where sex hysteria carries a big payload, but there are others.

Girls and boys in Minnesota are a steady income source for social workers, psychologists, and the security state infrastructure, and the cohort of foster care and other baby farming industrial complex related services (social services, hospitals, drug companies, foster care are a multi-billion dollar industry in America) .

The way their system works is that they victimize newcomers with gang stalking. So, in a state that has extremely high rates of teen pregnancy, the natural question for any rational person would be “what is wrong with the social mechanisms and the education system there?”

But instead, the question that gets asked most frequently is “why can’t boys keep their zippers closed,” and so on. Dog, tail, tail, dog, with the inevitable outcome that men are to blame for how single mothers, and the associated social services industry predators are in collusion to create, and re-create such a system, generation after generation.

It is a federal funding cash cow.

The ideal target of predation is the low-status, low income, socially disconnected male who gets caught in their web of lies, and official paperwork, but the girls and women of Minnesota are clearly victims of a dysfunctional narrative- with gang stalking a feature of the local culture nearly from the day those young boys and men cross the state lines to take care of the babies they made with hyper-sexual, and hyper-sexualized Minnesota girls.


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