Many groups participate in these operations, and not all police participate in it.

Black bag jobs are occurring all across America, every day, to thousands of people. Whether it is internet harassment where unknown parties, and unknown assailants hinder the ability of people to communicate, or sabotage their ability to write blogs, or participate in forum discussions,   there are hidden armies of paid trolls, military-industrial complex militants, paid hackers, and many more saboteurs of American democracy than can be counted.

The internet has come into our homes and minds in ways never before addressed in the law, and yet, local law enforcement and the judiciary seek to use laws made fifteen years ago to enforce today- as the internet and it’s saboteurs only hide deeper in the deep state, setting up cases and knocking them down, using methods and means that are unethical, illegal, unseen, and often deadly as we see in case after case of individuals claiming that hidden operatives and operations have affected their existential rights to basic due process, and constitutional protections.

The internet has come offline.

Whereas once, a person dealt with local police forces, or limited interactions defined by due process, today there exists the troubling situation that America has led thee charge to suppress all forms of political speech at he internet switch, assisted by the FiveEyes ‘alliance,’ which has become so large and unwieldy that reform is not possible.

Whereas once a  person experienced one or two internet trolls, today entire military battalions from overseas are waging troll wars on individual speakers inn  America. Add to that the multiple alphabet agencies, loaded with nefarious, hidden programs that haack individuals online, and off, and it is safe t say that the first amendment is dead in America, and that Americans are being exploited wholesale.

How  did we get here?



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