The internet switch: a hidden form of black bag job.

So you go to bed one night, and wake the next morning. On your computer, you find one of your browsers- the one you NEVER use- has popped itself open, and there, in front of you, you are looking at some obscure mechanical part that you never knew existed.

That’s odd, you think- not only d I not give a shit about mechanical stuff, but also, and especially, this part! It doesn’t belong in a car, it doesn’t belong in a bicycle, or a blender ( well, as it turns out, yes, it CAN be used that way, buuuut) this part is so unique and odd that you must now research it.

What is a blankety blank switch anyways? As it turned out in my case, the blankety blank switch is a ‘pin’ connector. And what is it used in? Well, this connector has multiple uses, but it’s chief function is that, when it is depressed, it connects one part to another part so that an electrical current can flow through it.

Gee, that’s interesting- and obscure in my world, you think. I have no direct use for that part. But- there is a login screen on the page-and it is asking you to input your credentials.

So- as the feeling of violation sinks in- the feeling that someone had used your computer browser to search for, locate, and possibly log-in to their account, from your computer- it occurs to you that you have been hacked, again.

And, it occurs to you that no one in law enforcement gives a shit, much less is even aware that others in law enforcement do this shit.

Then, that odd feeling-again. After several hundred of these events, you develop a cetain dislike for so-called ‘white hat hackers’ because, in fact, they are doing some purely evil sit out there. And they have not only hacked you, and used your box to do something nefarious, but now, your mind wanders to what they might have been doing on your box.

You look at the page again, the page that you never in a million years would think about looking at, and it occurs to you: this is an electrical pin, it is small, used in small electronic devices, but also, there are other pins that come in various sizes.

But wha might they be used for? What kind of device requires that sort of push and release pin…pin….push and release…step on step…OMG! It hits you like a small bomb- hand grenades use ‘pins.’ So do land mines, and IED’s and….and…blenders?

Regardless of anything, and regardless of why you were hacked, it occurs to you that you do not own your own life, in that moment. Moment after moment after moment, year after year, the mosaic of these small hacks adds up to bigger hacks, and a bigger picture: it could be possible that someone is setting you up to look like a terrorist in your internet search history.

Naw- that’s a paranoid thought, right?

This is the era we live in- and what was done to me this time was one of those like so many other times. It is like being interrogated by an unknown interrogator. Never in a million years would I search for that item- didn’t even know it existed.

And that page sits there, in a browser you NEVER use, unless you are talking to fake Google, the guy in the van up the block, or the crippled Vet at the the Fusion center- because they watch us all in real time.

And that log-in screen, the one that says “you re logged out now” sits there like someone else is asking you to log in- c’mon, the page seems to beckon- give it a try- hack that login page.

This is what a psychological operation is. and this is what it can get you.

All across America, Americans just like me are enduring this, from our own fellow Americans, cuz, they’re the goodguys. And us? Well, you figure it out, I can’t.

Further thoughts:

This is just one form of domestic terror that is being waged on citizen’s, dissidents, activists, and influencer’s here in America. I have on other blogs and with other sources verified and documented means and methods of harassment, many of them now revealed by Edward Snowden.

I first began to document the subversion of the internet in 2003, and again, starting in 2011, when I noted that the way the authorities have subverted the internet had the capacity to target an online speaker from a hidden center, and then, within minutes of that speaker signing on to a computer, have a squad car sitting outside that speakers dwelling, or cafe, or coffee shop.

I have also documented that these same can redirect days of your searches, and search history, redirect your searches from Google to Yahoo ( part of the local fusion center ‘fake Google’), steal your email as you hit send, manipulate the timing and delivery of web pages, alter the content of written material to suit state purposes,  and much more.



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