The sniper nest behind my apartment.

Can you spot the sniper nest behind my apartment ( upper left quadrant, shipping palette, turned on its edge)? In my case, I was lucky it was obvious, because they chose a shitty spot. Any real sniper would have chosen cover over being in the clear. Maybe his Ghillie suit was in a bundle somewhere nearby too.

The guy who sailed a loud lawn mower-like drone over the apartment chose that route. While he tactically chose the right spot, but operationally deployed the wrong drone, unless his goal was to instill fear. I of course, cringed, and gave his camera a shot straight out of Sunset Blvd.

So- in these cases of organized gang stalking, it is tempting to blame the police for everything, but in fact, the community policing scheme that as overtaken standard law enforcement has turned every day Americans into vigilante’s. Online and off, there is a nationwide movement of underground quasi-policing that is leading to the creation of cases based in false evidence, illegally attained or planted evidence, and tainted evidence, that the police use to create cases in a process called “parallel construction.”

So, these cases do not- and by nature of the vigilante process applied to individuals- these cases cannot lead to whole or wholesome outcomes, because often, the cases themselves are created by people doing illegal things, but judges seldom know the scope of this activity, because they only see a case that is presented to them by an LEO who often believes that their case is solid, and legal, the product of ‘good police work.’

These photo’s are from Hutchinson Minnesota, a town with an airport, a large state patrol presence, and despite a small population, has about forty churches. In organized stalking campaigns, churches are integral to the process of hidden meetings and coordination of gang stalking, as the individuals that come together do so in the name of organized religion, and believing in the treasured American ‘might makes right’ principle of mob rule.

I was followed to and from stores, unmarked squad cars were routinely parked or perched around my dwelling, and a whisper campaign noted that there “is a camera in your apartment,” and so on. I obliged that camera at every opportunity.

One of the religious loonies there also claimed that lighted orbs sent from god floated above my apartment. Another religious guy ( not a bad guy at all really) smoked a lot of that fake weed in his garage all night. That is how bizarre American religious fanatics can be.

In fact, these lighted orbs were small drones, sailed in from the local airport ( which was also ironically tied to the Mena drug cartel scandals of an earlier era.)

These photos above were shot using a standard deer camera, which are some of the best camera’s I have ever used to capture signs and evidence of organized stalking ( it is time consuming to upload video’s and this WordPress account requires an upgrade to do so). These stalkers ranged in age from what appears to be 18 years old to around 45, all were male, some appeared to be military based on their haircuts, and for the most part, they worked at night.

As documented elsewhere, they often shot gun sight lasers into my apartment at night, and used bicycles to circle around and around my abode. Two mystery men moved in next door.

I have not published photos of these actual stalkers anywhere, nor will I, because of defamation issues and so on. However, it is important for those who go through this gang stalking to know the methods above, whereas your principle assailants will vary.

What is important to note is that it is a top-down structure, where the police use a dossier to inform whatever local stalking groups of whatever it is they wish to tell them, and then, these groups co-ordinate activities and psychological warfare with the police in an open loop communication channel.

Also worth noting is that, while I stayed in this location, I was accosted from these exact bushes by a drone one night. If you look in the photos, you will note that there is a dual tree line. Behind the second tree line is a gravel road, which was used at times as a base ops for local police to meet whoever it was they were meeting at the time. I often saw a red pickup truck coming and going from this area, and a big, burly blonde guy who carried military grade boxes back and forth.

This was in  2010, just as various military, and security contractors were recalled back home.


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