The power of psychological operations: mass shooters, dissenters, resistors, and more are created from whole cloth by psyops- but how?

Many in the conspiracy theory camp maintain  that mass shooters are the product of psyops. But few of these bloggers, and victims of organized stalking can describe the means and methods without injecting some half baked conspiracy, with no proof.

The best recent examples of mass shooters who were clearly under psychological stresses that can be described are Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter; and the San Bernardino shooters, Sayed Farook and his wife Tafsheen Malik.

I will attempt to describe what a modern psychological warfare looks like, directed at these individuals, and why they fit a pattern of vulnerabilities that could have been under duress and exploitation by foreign powers, or our own agencies, keeping in mind that this is just one persons opinion.

But these two cases clearly fit the profile of persons vulnerable to recruitment in what some call false flag terrorism that is created in a social climate that allows constant harassment of targeted persons. In fact, these operations are mental black bag jobs in and of themselves.

Can you spot the lurkers in your alley? What if they carry umbrellas, in a veritable parade that lasts minutes, and there is no rain? Without a witness to such stressors, one might imagine they are going crazy.
  1. the similarities in these shooters include that all could be sexually blackmailed by psychological operations. Mateen was alleged to be friendly to the gay community, and he associated with same. This is likely a factor in how he was being manipulated behind the scenes by our own agents, as he had NO ties to foreign powers.
  2. The San Bernardino shooters also had a sexual component, based in the marriage for profit scheme they were running. Agents likely easily exploited that knowledge to make them uncomfortable, and likely used it to try to ‘turn’ one or all of them.
  3. In the case of Omar Mateen, what is clear is that he was under chronic investigation. While the news reported that he was given a firm talking to on several occasions by the FBI, what is less clear, and indeed likely glossed over, is that in the new national scheme of endless investigation and black bag jobs, he was likely turned over to ‘community policing initiatives’ and other operators. He was clearly approached on several occasions by media, and non-agents alike. And, in Mateen’s case, it is highly likely that the FBI’s CVE initiatives of community informats would have been in play, while in the case of Farook, a government worker, workplace mobbing flled that function.
  4. Fanatical religion is a two way street, and both cases demonstrate involvement by other religious actors to influence, and indeed harass the shooters. While the religion of Islam is much talked about- and which, aside from the fanatical fringe elements that exist, and are often involved with Israeli, British, or US CIA types as trainers- Islam does not have within it a component of violent action. However, in the case of Farook, he had a co-worker who was a  ‘Messianic Jew’ and that religion is itself a fringe element, and some within it hold views similar in philosophy to the late Meier Kahane, “every Jew a .22!” It is an offshoot of Judaism, and prone to violence.
  5. Recruitment of human assets requires control over that asset by persons who hold hiddeen knowledge about that individual. In the NSA/FBI information pipeline, trickling into the community policing/CVE climate, it is most likely that hidden agents and agencies were in some way, monitoring these persons, if nt directly attempting to recruit them, or use them as assets.

This brings me to the hidden war that is being waged on Americans, by other Americans. While in these cases we know what we know because the news said it is so- but in fact, due to the Smith Mundt act, propaganda is now deployed upon the people of America as both a weapon of mass social control, and selectively, varying by markets, as tools of psychological operations.

And f this is so, what is taking place for select individuals? What methods of control are being deployed upon dissenters, activists and more? And- who is doing THAT?

In these cases, conformity depends from psychological force, deployed in secret, against targeted persons. Umbrellas anyone?

Spot the umbrellas yet? PsyOps is an “umbrella” term indeed

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