The psychological terrorism of black bag jobs used in gang stalking operations

The CIA, NSA, DEA, and FBI have been trickling information to local law enforcement agencies for most of history- but after 9-11, that trickle became an all too powerful deluge, and it was indiscriminately targeted at the American people. There was never a “haystack” to be built- it was already here. The only problem, from an intelligence standpoint, was who to exploit first.

Bruce Schneier on multi-Agency intelligence sharing prior to 9-11


Like ducks in a barrel, the ‘targeted individuals,’ were created, one illegally gained piece of cyber data at a time, until individuals who fit profiles existed to be exploited. Then, the exploitation began. Some might recall how the IRS targeted Tea Party members, destroying the only viable challenge to plutocratic, two-party binary power that existed in America? That targeting of individuals first, and the entire movement second-began in a database.

Psychological Operations in America

CIA Psychological Operations inguerrilla warfare cia contra manual

Army Psychological Operations Manual .pdf download

Smith-Mundt: President Barak Obama Authorizes the use of Psychological Operations Against Americans via Propaganda bill( but so did GW Bush)

Most of those who are active in organized stalking operations are trained to some degree in covert activity. They are active and former members of police departments, military, and clandestine services. On the local level, it is police and fire department personell, their ‘community groups’ like the Rotary Clubs international, or the Anti-Defamation League

From these depend the various elements that comprise the ‘community policing’ scheme. The FBI is using medical doctors ( or coercing them), social workers, Infragard, LEIU’s or other localized groups like the Crime Stoppers or Citizen Corps- and these groups are taught the trickle down tactics of organized domestic terror.

Often, these local actors are enacting revenge fantasies, attempting to cause superstitious fear,  or just practicing, plain old fashioned low IQ sadists and bullies, much like the infamous ‘brownshirts’ of Nazi Germany.

Regardless, on the whole, organized community stalking is a Psychological Operation, on a national, and even international scale, funded by the likes of George Soros, and Haim Saban who fund Hillary Clinton ( remember- it takes a village to stalk a childs parents)-but also the Koch brothers and conservative donors as well. These major donors to America’s political campaigns are active on bot sides of the political spectrum, but united in their desire to force America to capitulate to their agendas.

This grand national bullying scheme is a  PsyOp, and  political tool of oppression. It is non-partisan. It is about control of individuals who challenge it’s basis. And it is domestic terror of the lowest orders.



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