Psychological Operation: Face Orbs and security cameras

One of the down sides of the citizen using technology to document the illegal, unethical, and often intrusive, violent, or deadly abuses of  hidden policing, is tat for every protection an individual puts in place, multiple agencies, and hidden accomplices deploy plausible deniability with hidden means and methods.

Face Orbs appear on hacked IP camera after contact with intelligence agency personal.

Related Story: the use of psychological operations (PsyOps) in America, via the Smith Mundt act

One great example is Ramsey Orta– the man who filmed the strangling death of Eric Garner, and was punished for it by extensive gang stalking, and a discrediting narrative that he was a thug. Think of that for a minute: the man who films the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed man, in progress by highly armed and all-too-willing men, is the #badguy?!

Or the case of police corruption activist John Lang, who was found dead, in his burning house after seven years of organized stalking, as unknown operators circled his house, pointing various electronic devices at him. He claimed the police were pedofying him, and attempting to plant child pornography on his computer.

Or, the recent case of a medical doctor in San Diego, who claims she is being gas-lighted and stalked.

Capturing footage of professional black bag operators breaking the letter and the spirit of the law is tough, for one specific reason: covert operators are trained to anticipate, and defeat or otherwise avoid  known counter-surveillance, whether it is a camera, or other recording device, and they are also taught to discredit the operators of these devices, as in the case of Orta and Lang ( who were easy targets to discredit).

I have been documenting these brownshirt thugs for over a decade, in one form or another, and while I am not necessarily highly effective, I am at least aware, and then, prepared. Which even then, isn’t enough, because then, they begin whole new levels of discrediting evidence. In my case, most recently, I encountered the “face orbs.”

Face Orbs are a mythical confabulation of the weak minded, and the conspiracy theorists who waste time and energy with illusions and mysticism. Writings abut face orbs are most often found on websites and novels written by former intelligence officers, and those who are trained in  ‘mind control’ techniques of inluence. Debunking them is relatively simple, once you examine the source of these creations.

I encountered the face orb narrative shortly after I encountered a former United States Air Force OSID investigator, earlier this year. That investigator, a woman from Michigan, claims that she was the USAF liaison to the Mossad- Israeli intelligence. These two groups are responsible for a large portion of what is known as PsyOps, and domestic disinformation.

In the case of the USAF, there was the famed “Finders Cult” investigation where mind control was implicated in the use and abuse of children. Not surprising, both agencies have also been implicated in child pornography rings, child sex slavery, and blackmail schemes that stretch around the world from Cambodian and Indian child brothels, to British pedophile networks and FBI agents perpetrating witch hunts ( Ted Gunderson was the Los Angeles SA who dabbled in satanic abuse propaganda).

Here is a sequence from one location where “face orbs” were used to intimidate me by letting me know my IP camera has been hacked -again- or to attempt to cause a mystical belief in bullshit ( aside from the intimidation of hacking my security cameras, and the intimidation, part of the goal of these organized stalkings is to create a belief in a person that supernatural things occur, or that mystical religious things are real. Purely psychopathic reasoning by these agents).

The “orb” is actually just a video overlay from somewhere, most likely Michigan, Maryland, or Israel. The bubble appears in the upper right corner, as others float about throughout the sequence:


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