Activism and state sponsored injuries: when the state claims rights over your body, and it’s ideas

Many activists can claim injury of one kind or another, and it will take critical mass to build in order for justice to be obtained, and police, reformed ( if in fact it is possible to reform police.) But there are good cops, bad cops, and then those just doin’ mah job types who are neither- those who embody, in the words of Hanna Ahrent  “the banality of evil.”

This last category is what “community policing” schemas depend upon to get the work done, as the heads of the DHS trickle down the bigger picture to the chiefs of police, and say ” if we want more federal dollars, we have to enlist community groups into the scheme.”

So, to be clear, it wasn’t ‘cops’ who shot me in the back one night- it was a part time cop, working as a security guard, and his partner. And after they shot me, it was two Minneapolis police who rolled up, and layed the official charge of “idunnobut howsboutdisorderly” on me. In that town, I had been arrested or detained over seven times, and never once convicted of a crime.But phony charges pile up, and in the era of the dossierre, which was once a despicable practice of communist countries- these charges are complemented by secret, other charges in hidden databases.

These below are a few of my injuries, after I was assaulted one night by security guards  while walking home. They shot me in the back, after I refused to yield to their ‘authority.’ In the new Orwellian world of organize stalking and ‘community policing’ apparently, rent-a-cops have the right to use deadly force on public sidewalks.(They don’t- I sued them and settled for a sum, and after i sued, five others came forwards, sued, and we put that company out of business.)

Note especially, the  bruises on the wrists. The use of hand cuffs to covertly torture citizens is one of the many little known forms of police brutality.


False arrest and the inevitable charge of disorderly conduct is becoming the new normal in America, and it is not limited to black people, or minorities, after police targeet them for whatever reason. In fact, it has increased, because of the perception that it is a racial issue.

In this case, the injuries are lifelong, and every contact I have had with police has ensured that they look in my dossier, and without fail, have re-injured these same injuries. This is why this blog exists- I am not alone. I have been publicizing in many forms the fact that cops are shooting people in the back since 2008, long before that became popular.

The use of handcuffs to abuse prisoners has often been the subject of lawsuits.

Shockingly, handcuffs also exist that can deliver 80,000 volts of electricity to a prisoner.

One might ask, at some point: what is wrong with America when our guardians are actually trough slurping, cowering sadists who would allow this, without taking action on behalf of the Constitution, or rights to due process? An the answer one might find is that cowardly trough slurping sadists are chosen for exactly that function. Or, the lack of it.

Policing in America is broken, and it needs to be fixed- but few of us can seem to get our claims before judges, and those of us who are abused so seriously that they are completely intimidated from seeking justice must find it in themselves to stand up and tell their story before it’s too late. That is why I am telling you mine.


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