What is a black bag job? Minneapolis, MN organized surreptitious entry: gathering evidence.

Here are photographs from a black bag job that occurred in Minneapolis, MN., in the spring of 2013, at a property that is blocks away from Citizens United Against Police Brutality(CUAPB). Run primarily by the Minneapolis Police Department, but also involving the DHS an the ICE, as well as ‘community policing’ type cadets, this particular black bag job seemed designed more as a training exercise for amateurs and recruits, or plainly to wage terror. No warrant was ever issued or received by this author, or any other person who resided at this household.

It is important that I note that not all police are involved or aware of this form of illegality, and in the time period where these were regular occurences I captured interations between what looked like DEA types an the local squad cars on film.

How to gather evidence of police gang stalking/ cause stalking/ organized stalking, aka ‘Red Squads’ ‘community policing, Citizen Corps break-ins

Persons surveilled at this time included the homeowners, nearby homeowners and apartment dwellers, three specific local artists from the Heart of the Beast puppet theater, several local community organizers (this house is right up from the Communities United Against Police Brutality offices); several Muslims, and Muslim Americans, and many incidental persons.

In total, I estimate that this years long surveillance activity of just this one location ‘captured’ electronic data, phone conversation, community planning activity, and much much more of at least 100 persons!


[ In the photo above, note the direct line path that the burglar took ACROSS the snow, and the larger indentations where they tossed the black bag. Snow is a valuable ally in tracking black bag operators.In this case, it reveals that the burglars had a previous knowledge of the camera angle, likely obtained from an electronic eavesdropping device.]

I had a security camera posted above the black mailbox, which appears as a dot in this picture. On the security camera footage, it is very clear that this operator had advance line of sight information about the filming angle of the camera, as they managed to avoid the outermost range of the camera by mere inches, and did not appear on this film. Their vehicle, however, did.


At the time, my home, and my neighborhood in general, was under a chronic warrant-less surveillance operation sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security that used apartments, and homes in my neighborhood to wiretap phones, and create cases from illegally gained information.

Note this set of footprints from the opposite angle. There is a small gas station in the upper right corner, which was and still is used as a base of operations for the Minneapolis Vice squad, as well as DHS and other operations. Also- the shoe size of this individual was likely a size 10-11.

These operations spanned the entire Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis Minnesota, and my security cameras captured some of it. Some of the operators involved ranged from a part time high school teacher who ‘lived’ across the street, to children enlisted by these operators to break in to homes in the neighborhood.Also noteworthy is that at this time, many DHS/FBI airplanes were circling the neighborhood frequently using DRT boxes, and targeting primarily Somali’s, which has been reported widely in the news at this time.

These photos are corroborated by films from security cameras (which are in .snx format which doesn’t lend itself easily to upload) that recorded portions of this particular break in. Especially noteworthy is the indentation in the snow, middle far right of this photo- this is where a ‘black bag’ was tossed after the surreptitious entry, which took place earlier this day, around 10:15 a.m. The apartment building directly next to the gas station was also used as a base of operations for a year, and the DHS operation also used the alley behind this building, and the surrounding yards.

While it might be tempting to describe these operators as criminals, or to cast doubt upon the fact that these were/are law enforcement agents, the particular scope and line-of-sight operation alone would negate that, as well as the activity captured in films, and reported by other neighbors.

In this case, the incident occurred in broad daylight, around 10:15 a.m. as documented by my security cameras. My neighbor, Ann, also had a break-in this very day, as the undercover operators either watched, or in fact, used her break-in to cast plausible deniability on their wider operation- Ann lost a phone, though many other valuable items were plainly in sight.

It is important to note that my cameras captured many incidents, too numerous to write herein, and these operations involved squad cars, interacting and collaborating with ‘occupants’ across the street from this camera for a period spanning an entire year.

Here I compare my foot- size 10- against the footprint of the person who stood in the alley and acted as a lookout, or shot caller while the break-ins occurred. This particularly large foot appeared at several locations over a five years period, every time a break in occurred, or a camera was sabotaged, etc. This is noteworthy because it signifies a single player- not many people have size 12-14 shoes, and fewer of them have the time to stalk about my houses for a period of years

Here below, are tell tale signs of surreptitious entry- pry marks on a door jamb. These particular photos are from the incident above, and another incident shortly thereafter. The tool that was used appeared to have three distinct ‘prongs.’ Also, for a period of time spanning approximately six months, young persons from across the street would parade in front of my security cameras holding long objects in their hands, with what appeared to be socks over the objects. This was witnessed by others as well.

[ light colors painted on door jambs is a sure way to attain evidence of these hidden intrusions. I learned the hard way that scratch marks, pry marks, and fingerprints are easier to document if you paint the door frames a light color- in this case, light seafoamy green. Also, using braand new weatherstripping reveals the indentations clearly.]

These cases- which are occurring all across America today- are often referred to as “gang stalking,” or “organized stalking” and so on. While many discuss these online, few take the time to document it in real time as it happens, or to try to coach these harassers out into the open. I did that, and more.

To this day- nearly four years later after THIS event, not a single warrant has been presented to me, or anyone else who lived in that house. Also of note is that, at this time, I collected hundreds of wireless surveillance “heat maps” and wireless intrusion logs of the area, where mysterious AP’s and un-named AP’s appeared with great frequency.

Now, you might be asking- but is this ‘solid’ evidence? And the answer is not necessarily, because-who has the time?! No do I own one of hose bus sized evidence collection vans, aka a “party van,” but there is one form of evidence that has great weigh i a court room, chiefly, witness an eyewitness testimony. And the people who saw these hings an helped me verify them shall remain, for now, anonymous.


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