How to document a black bag job?

The single most important tool you can use to document surreptitious entry is NOT a security system that is wired directly to your local police- they are often in on the break-ins, providing cover for other agencies, and acting as look-outs. There is mounting evidence that these exact systems are being dis-armed FROM the police stations they report to.

However, you MUST buy a camera that is capable of recording when you are NOT home, as much as one that records what you are seeing. There are many security sites onine, and many ‘spy shops’ that sell such gear. But the key is, to buy it with cash- because your purchases are tracked, and these black bag operators are depending on you revealing that you have bought such a camera- often they can intercept it in transit ( the NSA does this,, as well as local police departments who are monitoring you closely.)

Buy the camera with cash, in secret if you can buy  good one, as there are many junk cameras out there that will fail you.

My latest is a small body camera, which I bought cheap, at Walmart, of all places.Avoid large, obvious camera’s as these will only add to the stigma they are trying to inflict in your life ” the crazy guy with the body camera,” and so on.

Use something discreet, but trustworthy- like a Vivitar Life Cam, or similar small, easy to use”go cameras” and drop cameras. I use body camera’s because I have literally been shot before, and also, shot in the back with a Taser by cops working with ‘community policing,’so unlike many, I have reason to fear for my life- and the damage that police lies can do to a person. The actual police brutality can last a lifetime, and they are proud of saying ” you can beat the charge, but you can’t beat the ride.”

Here is a snapshot of one of my command centers from a few years ago. One system was wireless, and wired to two cameras and the other was wired to a four camera system.


These systems above are First Alert, which I do not recommend, because they use .snx format video, which cannot be converted to MPG, or other easy to use. But It did the job- I bought it cheap, because I was tired of ‘living in my head’ and wondering if real.’ This system proved without  doubt that it isn’t in my head, and that also, the police and their associated black bag jobbers will break the law.

In this case, I had tried to avoid purchasing such equipment because it is very time consuming to review videos- and they count on that factor in these campaigns of domestic terror to wear you down. I caught these assclowns destroying my property, defacing my  camera’s, and invading my spaces repeatedly- and over such a great span of time that I no longer have to document everything- I have surreptitious entries spanning seven cities, and  four states.

Again- the question “why don’t you report them to the police?” and the answer- as we all know- is that they will then collaborate even more to destroy or discredit you. On one occasion, I called them s dispute with a drug dealing neighbor- and the response?

“Well, tell us- where does your camera feed to?”

The next day I had a black bag job, and the camera was opened, and the chip deleted! They also use lasers to blind cameras at night, and also if they are hard wired, they do shut off the power at the pole. These are domestic terror campaigns of the highest order, on absurd budgets- the DHS and it’s other trough feeders get some 56 billion PER YEAR for this crap, they haven’t actually caught a single terrorist yet other than ones they create, and the ‘community organizations’ like the Citizen Corps, LEIU’s, ADL, and AIPAC funded others get even more.

These black bag events were so frequent for a period of about six years that one wonders how it could all be legal- the answer is that they are depending on you not documenting it, not talking to others about it, etc. But the more the merrier- it is crucial that this is documented to critical mass before the citizens can take action- it s all to real.

The good news, is that after I started the camera’s rolling, the break-ins dropped off to nearly nil- and then, I saw the next steps in their new games, which require other methods to reveal, or to force them into a court room.

[This photo, below, is an example of what you hear about in the online gang stalking community of ‘ brighting’ where these operators shine lights at you. In this case, the lights ranged from flashlights, to red gun-sight laser pointers. Yeah- as my 6 month old baby slept.]


A few final notes: ALWAYS tell trusted others that you are documenting these events, and KEEP BACKUPS, coded, encrypted, whatever- but keep backups of everything. It may seem expensive at first, but worth it in the long run, because this cannot be allowed to be the ‘new normal’ in a nation once proud of its rule of law.



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