ABC 10 news: San Diego Mom Facika Tafara, M.D. reports she is victim of “community policing” black bag jobs, and organized stalking.

While most online blogs that talk abut gang stalking, organized stalking and so on are in fact psychological operations or disinformation, some of us have worked long and hard to bring the story of these crazy-making warrantless domestic terror operations to light.

As I write this, the website to her health clinic appears to have been taken offline, either by these stalkers, or because of them:

Unlike conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and others who dabble in UFO theories and so on, those of us who have been documenting he tactics and propaganda of this hidden form of police brutality, we actually enlist reporters, doctors, and more in our narrative. Most importantly, we document what we can as citizens who are confronted by professional terrorists.

Here, ABC News in San Diego covers such a story, that of Doctor Facika Tafara being gas-lighted in her home by unknown assailants. Incidentally, San Diego is notorious for gang stalking, as it is host t a Naval base, and many many other agencies fom the Border Patrol, to the local police, and their affiliated scum like the LEIU’s and other cult-like subsidiary ‘community policing’ groups.

America is under attack by agents from within- and this is what it looks like in action.

Related Story: San Diego is known for organized stalking by many different groups. Here is another persons story of gang stalking in San Diego



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