America has been invaded- from the inside out by domestic terrorists who work in the alphabet agencies, local law enforcement, and armies of cowardly rats and snitches.

This is a blog about the “new ‘MERICA, love it or leave it.” Or not.

Or, expose corrupt organizations from LEO’s to quasi-police and private contractors, to any of a number of “citizen corps’ and community organizations to face the law themselves.The Department of Homeland Security is running the largest entrapment and blackmail scheme in history, and I want no part of it. I invoked my right to be left alone, and all I got to show for it is 13 years of organized stalking, and a few photos and films.

While most Americans do not know that “community policing” is an abusive, hidden scheme designed to destroy individuals, and enforce conformity, the DHS is, by design, based upon a model from East Germany, and the Stasi, which had a program of domestic terror that turned all agencies into harassing mobsters, and citizens into informants, and used psychological warfare on dissenters to keep and maintain control.

Many organizations participate, and not all instances of organized stalking are the same. But all of the stalkers claim moral high ground, while using the most unconstitutional, illegal, unethical, and debased tactics imaginable.

While some start as simply as a guy who blogs about corrupt cops, or the guy who bought a house that a corrupt fire department chief wanted for his own; or  the Stockton city manager Bob Deis who challenged a police union and got his life turned upside down, or  ‘domestic violence’ narratives that seek to compromise individuals and build dossiers, others start as rude neighbors who want to settle scores.

And, like me, others are long term harassment campaigns designed to use human beings against their will as human intelligence, aka ‘ HUMINT,’ because we are multi-cultural and trans-political.

Video below: Fire Chief Clemente in Hubbard Ohio gang stalks homeowners in car honking campaign, over real estate.

Recently, William Binney, who designed the architecture of the NSA, and Kurt Wiebe , both of who are the original NSA whistle blowers, have lended their voices, and their research to organized stalking, because they both have endured it’s deleterious effects.

It has been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and we see today an America that is long past due for a correction. I am one of many people who tried to play by the rules, and who did what I thought was the right thing to do, and as I have found out time and again, it is the evil, the corrupt, and the well-heeled who tend to win.

This blog attempts to assist in correcting these and many more things that are destroying our country from the inside job out. Organized stalking, and the policing model of hidden and illegal practices targeted at individuals is just the tip of the ICEberg of illegality in the modernized world.


Police reform, accountability, monitor the monitors.


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