Anatomy of a black bag job in Minnesota

The first time I became aware that I had been the victim of a black bag job, it was many years after the fact, because when these things happen, you seldom point to the actual source, or are even aware that such a thing could or would be done to you. But my first black bag job was in 1993.

With increasing boldness, unknown persons and entities began a campaign of intrusions to my homes, apartments, social sphere’s and more. At times things went ‘missing,’ but not always; or I otherwise began to see things seemingly out of place, or moved around in my dwellings. I chalked it up to my poor memory, or perhaps, my imagination.

Some  23 years later, I can count  many more intrusions of multiple kinds, over this same period of time, but I was not prepared to document them until some 15 years after they began. You do the math-that was 15 years too late.

But then, I didn’t want to believe it was happening- and I didn’t want to appear to be “crazy” talking about it. Indeed, the few times that I did talk about it- sometimes to acquaintances, sometimes to professionals- I was treated as a paranoid.

Things began to change when I enlisted witnesses to these events at or around the time they were happening. And, I decided that I needed to document these events when they occur. But due to the professional nature and quality of these break-ins or other intrusions- these professional bag men( and many women too) are hard to catch in action.

But I have, on many many occasions, since I learned the secret of ensnaring them, like the sneaky crawling cockroaches they are.

I had previously and in public, captured many suspect persons on camera- but it was in public! hat value is that? Many theoretical plausibly deniable excuses can be made about persons in public, in a film or photo.

But here below, is the first time I caught one clearly, and illegally entering my home, on film. The secret was the secret camera, and a trap I set for them ( one that they actually had set for me first, turned against them)!


That was in 2010, nearly seven years ago. By then, I had been writing about them, and documenting them in other ways, writing about them; I even studied journalism, and became an accredited journalist and so on; thinking it was all in my head, or that  somehow  they would stop, wasn’t helping: documenting them, and talking to other journalists, lawyers, and others did.

I became an underground activist, writing blogs, and contacting key speakers in social movements about what was happening to me. I participated in awakening Americans to the fact that police in America no longer follow the laws of common civility, much less the law itself- and I became active in proposing that all police be wired with body cameras themselves.

To this day, however, they haven’t stopped the various other forms of intrusions; and due t photo’s and films, witnesses and more, I know it wasn’t ‘something in my head’.

One does one easily recover from this intense form of institutional psychic brutality. I won’t soon forget the lesson I learned then, when my first capture occurred: never forget, and collect what you can in the way of evidence

And- since I began to collect evidence- to use cameras to document these and more- the forms of harassment have increased to other things, while the actual break-ins have diminished. That is the power of security cameras.

In America today, the architecture of full blown totalitarianism, aka the police state has grown exponentially since 2001, but in my case, I was made acutely aware of it since 1993.

I have never been served a warrant of any kind, nor made aware by any person that a warrant, signed by a judge, exists anywhere, with my name or address written on it.

I have since learned that there is a hidden ‘thing’ in place that exists at the beck and call of the powerful, and operators who are, or work at the behest of law enforcement, or quasi-law enforcement agencies are responsible for this. I know this because now, many others have begun to document it as well.

I began to document these events, and to enlist witnesses many years ago, and began filming ( or trying to film) around 2006. But my early attempts were really no better than shadow boxing- I didn’t know where to point my camera, or how- much less at who.

Now, I know how to do that, and I hope that you, the reader who has landed here for whatever reason, will do it too. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who have gone through this, and it is only increasing.

But so, too, are those of us who can stop it- and who might one day be able to meet in a court room, whatever it takes within the law to get there. But have no doubt: these are the police, and affiliated agencies and agents doing this, for whatever grand and nobe reason they think they have the right to do so.

The fact remains, that they are breaking the law, in spirit and intent. Law enforcement today is little more than a strong arm operation of the enemies of America, and they are cowards who operate outside the law and due process.


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